5 leading firms in the utility sector are joining forces to create OptimUP

The current energy crisis and the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees °C present growing challenges for energy suppliers and grid operators. Soaring energy prices are in every consumer’s mind as they look for better digital solutions to manage their consumption.

These challenges are growing faster in their complexity, along with consumers’ expectations for intuitive, high quality digital experiences. While digitalization and smart meters offer unique opportunities to leverage data for good, consumers’ uses of energy and digital expectations are evolving at a rate which is increasingly difficult to match for utilities and grid operators.

In true open-source spirit, OptimUP (“Optimal Utility Portal”) was started to leverage the accelerating power of the tech community to solve the greatest challenges of our time.

OptimUP provides Water & Power Utility companies and DSOs an open-source, off-the-shelf smart data portal.

This saves countless hours building features consumers expect as basic elements of a portal. This means Water & Power Utility companies, DSOs and their partners are free to focus their efforts on more valuable, innovative use cases.

Furthermore, the European Directive on energy efficiency (2012/27/EU) constrains Power & Gas Distribution System Operators to give customers access to their data. This means more than 4.000 DSOs in Europe will need to develop a “Smart Data Portal” or mobile application to help millions of citizens change their energy consumption behaviour.

Many studies and mass solution deployments from the last ten years have led to an industry consensus that granting access to data will not produce lasting changes in consumption behaviour. Therefore, OptimUP has built behavioural science principles into the product’s design from the start.

OptimUP aims to provide an open-source, off-the-shelf smart meter data portal leveraging years of research in big data technologies and behavioural science to unlock the full potential of smart meter data. The 5 companies contributing to OptimUP bring a century of domain expertise in the Utility sector, leading the way to better energy analytics for energy consumers.

OptimUP will be released 100% free of charge and offer visualisation features for B2C customers to access their smart meter and smart device data. Basic features like benchmarking consumption with similar consumers or disaggregation of energy usage will help customers better understand their consumption and to take corresponding actions.

More about OptimUP

OptimUP is a consortium of 5 leading technology companies with expertise in the utility sector joining forces to accelerate utilities’ ability to better engage consumers around their energy usage.

The founding partners are:

  • Opinum has created the "Opinum Data Hub" platform designed for energy and environmental actors. Opinum Data Hub covers all stages of the data management value chain to allow its users to look beyond the complexity of data and focus on their core value and expertise.
  • Hatch is an experienced Belgian digital product studio focusing mainly on app and software development. By combining their love for digital products and technology they help their clients to build amazing products.
  • Softcom is a Swiss company, offering a complete range of high-tech services to help energy players stand out in the market liberalisation, the energy transition and the valorisation of their data.
  • IT-NewVision is a French company specialized since 2007 in assisting energy and environmental players in their digital transformation and the modernization of their information systems.
  • CInsights is a niche consulting firm with deep expertise in behavioural science applied to digital products. CInsights consultants are subject matter experts in the energy, connected mobility and smart building sectors.

Where to find OptimUP ?

Feel free to get in touch with the consortium members via the contact details below:

Sebastien Lewy - sle@opinum.com - +32 495 41 87 64

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