GreenFlux introduces world’s first large-scale, hardware-agnostic DC smart charging algorithm

Complementing the company’s diverse smart charging offerings, this new DC-specific algorithm is designed to make sure that the combined power consumption of a group of charge stations automatically stays below a set limit. The algorithm has already been incorporated into GreenFlux’s commercial portfolio and used at scale in the market by its customers. 

‘Smart charging has become even smarter. Our new algorithm, designed specifically for DC charge stations, brings all the advantages of a cloud-based solution to DC charging hubs. Now, charge point operators (CPOs) can sustainably expand their fast-charging network without any concerns,’ said Bob Elders, Product Manager, Smart Charging at GreenFlux. 

GreenFlux’s smart charging technology is run from the cloud and applied using open standards, giving customers real-time control over any type of charge station. These solutions help CPOs save on infrastructure costs and yearly fees by facilitating the installation of more charge stations on existing grid connections. Further, they provide the opportunity for operators to monetise the flexibility of EV charging and facilitate charging even more vehicles with energy from renewable energy sources, namely the sun and wind. 

As a smart charging innovation leader, GreenFlux was quick to identify the need for cloud-based, hardware-agnostic smart charging with DC fast chargers. In developing this new algorithm, the company aimed to provide CPOs with the tools to expand their fast-charging network more quickly. 

‘Considering the investment required to set up and manage DC charging hubs, avoiding hardware vendor lock-in and maximising revenue potential is critically important. This is exactly what our new DC smart charging solution is designed to do,’ said Rutger Plantenga, MD and Chief Product Officer at GreenFlux. 

About Smart Charging 

Smart charging is defined as increasing or decreasing the maximum charge rate of an EV over a set period of time. Smart charging is a means to optimise power distribution and charge more electric vehicles at the same time and at a faster rate. Its utilisation leads to considerable savings for grid operators, CPOs, charge point owners, and EV drivers. Cloud-based smart charging can be implemented dynamically and in response to different triggers, such as capacity limitations (static or dynamic) and energy tariff fluctuations. Plus, GreenFlux’s smart charging solutions can be applied to any type or brand of charge station. 

Learn More 

GreenFlux is delighted to announce to be exhibiting at E-World 2024 in Essen, Germany, from 20 – 22 February 2024, at Booth 4C124 in Hall 4. More information is also available on the website. 

About GreenFlux 

GreenFlux, a DKV Mobility Group company, enables charging point operators and mobility service providers to expand their eMobility activities. The GreenFlux eMobility platform offers comprehensive capabilities to help customers expand their network, provide excellent experiences to drivers, and minimize operational costs. Accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility since 2011, GreenFlux enables a roaming network of 564,000+ charging points accessible to millions of drivers across Europe and has facilitated more than 5 billion electric kilometres through its platform. More information: 

Link: Expand your fast charging network with GreenFlux’s new DC smart charging algorithm | GreenFlux 

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