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Your workforce, counterparties, stakeholders and ratepayers demand a seamless application experience. FIS powers you to raise the bar for what energy management should be, in every ISO market, every gas transaction, every financial settlement and with every forecast. FIS’ advanced SaaS ETRM and PaaS Application Extensions, embedded with AI to support the workforce and transactional accuracy, are designed to help you achieve a cohesive approach to the Energy Back Office and iron out internal IT operations.

As one of the leading global software vendors with a significant coverage in payments, financial services, and banking sectors, FIS is consistently recognized for our best of breed solutions. The Chartis “Magic Quadrants” report identified FIS as a global leader in cloud-based managed services and named ETRM category leader in 2021 in the Chartis RiskTech Quadrant report.

Delivering Energy & Commodity solutions for 25 years, our large customer base spans across both Europe the US. We help energy companies, trading houses, retail suppliers and industrials firms to effectively compete in global energy and commodities markets by streamlining and integrating the trading, risk management and operations of physical commodities and their associated financial instruments.

Our clients are benefitting from accelerated trading with our modern technology and services with better, more transparent access to data, transparency and security with:

  • E/CTRM solution with trading & risk capabilitites
  • Global back-office invoicing and taxation module
  • Compliant regulatory reporting functionality
  • Energy portfolio management with operations and logistics capabilities
  • Web services market & credit risk solution

The challenges faced in energy and commodity trading has long been a source of concern. Price volatility, changing market sentiment, weather, politics and the creditworthiness of individual trading partners combines to manifest ever-present risk. The need for analysis is infinite. But with so many variables, what should you consider?

  • Aggregation: Do you have a proven process to aggregate and structure the endlessly changing data sources, compile curves and stream them to the trading desk on-demand?
  • Accuracy: Can you assure data integrity, comparatively test data points and perform accuracy checks while creating reliable forward curves?
  • Access: Do users throughout the organization have a reliable data delivery system that enhances decision input, creates continuity and supports the business?
  • Analysis: Are your tools for historical and trend analysis, price curves, spread-curves and other analytics centralized, automated and able to perform ad-hoc and bespoke analysis?
  • Auditing: Are you effectively tracking the “who, when and how” of data usage to ensure public and shareholder trust, brand integrity and proper protocol to maintain compliance?

The truth is, not many firms can answer “yes” to all these questions. Which is why it’s time to consider FIS® Data Analyzer – Energy Edition (formerly MarketMap Energy).

It provides validated, aggregated market information in a flexible framework. It reduces operational costs and increases the efficiency of your data management, storage and access. Our robust data warehouse, which is seven times faster than traditional databases, provides enterprise-wide access to more than 1,000 high quality data feeds, including timeseries data to the millisecond, structured and unstructured fundamental data, proprietary data and more than 50 years of historical data storage.

The powerful front-end GUI and Excel Add-In enables you to run analytics for faster and more accurate decision-making, risk analysis and curve management, while eliminating the extra work of maintaining individual custom curves for each user. And by hosting your data with FIS, you can add scale to your operation and reduce the cost infrastructure and infrastructure maintenance.

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