Naturgy partners with eSmart Systems to automate its overhead power line inspections utilizing AI

UFD, the electricity distribution subsidiary of Naturgy, has announced a multi-year partnership with eSmart Systems to digitalize and automate its overhead power line inspection process. The DALI (Drone & AI Line Inspection) project will utilize eSmart Systems’ Grid Vision solution, which will support the full inspection and maintenance workflow across UFD’s High Voltage and Medium Voltage overhead lines. This partnership will enable UFD to provide safer, more accurate inspections and optimize inspection costs.

This partnership is unique as it delivers Inspection as a Service for all UFD’s overhead lines through the operationally-ready Grid Vision solution. This solution enables a truly virtual and digital inspection process and delivers automation from day one through the 30 AI models that are already trained on over 6 million global images. As part of the project, there will be a gradual model development and training, focusing on UFD’s specific defects, which will be delivered through Grid Vision’s Collaborative-AI approach. Through this collaboration, UFD will benefit from day one and develop relevant AI models faster than any other solution.

This partnership will support UFD in building a sustainable future by reducing their overall carbon footprint through elimination of unnecessary field visits, helicopter flights, and truck journeys.

This is another step towards a new paradigm in the operation and maintenance of our power distribution networks. We are betting on a strategy based on the digitalization of our assets and procedures, a journey where we keep innovating through several initiatives like the GALA project, in which we optimized the maintenance of our networks in terms of vegetation, and built a digital twin for our overhead lines

Raúl Suárez

General Manager of UFD

UFD is a forward-looking utility with a clear ambition to improve their grid asset inspections through the application of advanced technologies. We are excited to be part of their journey and look forward to delivering efficiencies and digitization of powerline inspections for UFD

Knut Johansen

CEO of eSmart Systems

About UFD

UFD, the electricity distribution subsidiary of Naturgy, is the third-largest electricity distribution operator in Spain with 3.8 million supply points and 114,000 km of powerlines. We are incorporating new technologies into our electrical grids with the aim of turning them into increasingly smart grids. The investment effort that we have made in Spain in recent years has allowed us to strengthen our network, provide digital services and improve the quality of supply to make our electricity networks in Spain one of the most modern, competitive, and efficient in Europe.

About eSmart Systems

ESMART SYSTEMS is a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for the inspection and maintenance of critical infrastructure. With our software solution, Grid Vision® we revolutionize how utility companies operate and maintain their transmission and distribution networks. eSmart Systems offers a data-driven and condition-based approach to infrastructure inspections that can be managed from a single platform. We support companies worldwide by ensuring reduced costs, safer inspections, and prolonged asset life.

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