Utilising smart meters and smart grids to help pave the way for a sustainable future

Traditional power grids face challenges in achieving sustainability due to inefficiencies, lack of real-time data, and difficulties in integrating renewable energy sources. Users often struggle to monitor and optimise their energy consumption, and the grid's limited capability to adapt to faults or peak demand results in energy wastage.

Secure addresses these challenges through its Prometer 100 smart meter, a powerful tool for transforming traditional power grids into efficient and sustainable smart grids. This advanced meter provides real-time data on energy consumption, enabling users to optimise usage and identify energy-efficient practices. Its power quality features, self-healing capabilities, and load-balancing functionalities contribute to grid reliability and reduce downtime, minimising energy wastage.

Key Features of Prometer 100:

  • Power quality features (THD, sag, swell, voltage unbalance, interruption recording)
  • In-built IEC61850, RS232/RS485, and Ethernet ports for seamless communication
  • Dynamic error compensation for CT/VT
  • Two-way communication for demand-response programs
  • Flexible time-of-day tariff, maximum demand support, and DST support with automatic billing dates

Secure's Prometer 100 not only facilitates energy transfer measurement, reconciliation, and online monitoring but also supports automation and system integration. Its robust features make it an ideal addition to any grid system, fostering sustainability and supporting the integration of renewable energy sources.

For users concerned about the complexities of transitioning to smart grids, Adaptricity, a cloud-based grid analytics platform, offers a solution. This platform simplifies the process of understanding, operating, and planning the power grid infrastructure. With efficient simulation capabilities and a digital twin of the distribution grid, Adaptricity eases the transition from initial grid planning to comprehensive smart meter-based grid monitoring.

Secure, through its Prometer 100 smart meter and collaboration with Adaptricity, provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by traditional power grids. By incorporating smart meters into the grid infrastructure, utilities gain the necessary tools to make informed decisions, enhance grid resilience, and improve overall efficiency. This transformation lays the groundwork for a sustainable, responsive, and adaptable power system—a smart grid tailored to meet the evolving energy landscape.


Secure is a multi-national corporation committed to providing revenue management, power quality and energy efficiency to its customers and communities, enabling them to save money, reduce energy consumption and facilitate comfortable living. Starting in 1987 at the advent of the electronic age, we have come a long way - employing 6500 people worldwide. More than 60 countries deploy our products with the highest data security and customer service levels. 

Today, we cover the entire supply chain offering solutions and services for electricity, gas, water, and heat generation to their final consumption, adding value at every point.

At Secure, we prioritise diversity, sustainability, and social responsibility. We strive for sustainability through waste reduction, reusability, eco-friendly practices, and energy conservation, advancing toward our net-zero goals.

For more information on the Prometer 100, click here, for more information on Adaptricity, here.

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