The role of smart meters in environmental impact monitoring

A problem companies often face is the lack of precise data for energy consumption analysis. This impedes the ability to identify and address inefficiencies in energy use. Without accurate and detailed information, companies cannot effectively understand their energy consumption patterns, leading to unintentional wastage. This can result in higher operational costs but can also contribute to unnecessary environmental impacts such as higher carbon emissions.

Secure’s range of both Digital and Analogue Panel Meters provide accurate and real-time measurements of electrical parameters, enabling users to identify and address areas of high energy usage. This detailed monitoring is crucial for implementing effective energy-saving measures and reducing energy consumption, helping to contribute to environmental sustainability efforts.


Secure’s Digital Panel Meters (DPM’s) offer precise real-time monitoring and measurement of various electrical parameters such as current, voltage, power, and energy. Their high accuracy and ability to interface with modern communication systems make them ideal for monitoring energy usage in detail. This data is crucial for identifying energy inefficiencies, optimising energy consumption, and consequently reducing carbon emissions. The DPM series, with its advanced features, is particularly useful for monitoring energy usage in systems with renewable energy sources, as it can accurately track the variable outputs from these sources.


Secure’s Analogue Panel Meters (APM’s) are robust, reliable, and provide a straightforward visual indication of energy consumption. They are easy to install with low power consumptions and have no need for additional magnetic shielding. Even though they don't offer the same level of detail as digital meters, they are useful in applications where basic monitoring is sufficient. They contribute to environmental impact monitoring by allowing users to observe general trends in energy consumption, which is essential in efforts to reduce overall energy usage and carbon footprint.

Both types of meters complement each other and are crucial in different aspects of environmental impact monitoring. While Secure’s DPM’s provide detailed data for in-depth analysis and optimisation, their APM’s offer a more generalised view of energy consumption. Together, they enable a more comprehensive approach to energy monitoring, crucial for achieving sustainability and net-zero goals in energy use.


Secure is a multi-national corporation committed to providing revenue management, power quality and energy efficiency to its customers and communities, enabling them to save money, reduce energy consumption and facilitate comfortable living. Starting in 1987 at the advent of the electronic age, we have come a long way - employing 6500 people worldwide. More than 60 countries deploy our products with the highest data security and customer service levels.

Today, we cover the entire supply chain offering solutions and services for electricity, gas, water, and heat generation to their final consumption, adding value at every point.

At Secure, we prioritise diversity, sustainability, and social responsibility. We strive for sustainability through waste reduction, reusability, eco-friendly practices, and energy conservation, advancing toward our net-zero goals.

For more information on DPM’s, click here and for more information on APM’s, click here.

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