Safe distance on the entire fair

Keeping your distance is the order of the day. In 2021, E-world will enable all visitors to maintain sufficient distance from other people at all times throughout the fair. We achieve this with clear routing, distance markings on the floor, partitions at information counters and generous space design. A safe distance is also guaranteed in the lecture and seating areas of E-world 2021, so that you can concentrate on the contents on site without worries. We will take care of everything else. In this way, you will always have enough space to move safely through E-world's exhibition halls, because with distance we come together.

All current information on the E-world hygiene concept can be found on our "Hygiene Concept 2021" page, where the measures are also available as a pdf download. We are looking forward to your participation in the trade fair and will be available to you in advance at any time.

With distance we come together - E-world 2021


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