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03. March 2017

Asset management in the regulated and non-regulated energy industry

An E-world Congress on the subject of asset management took place for the first time, under the patronage of Vattenfall Europe Wärme AG.

Asset management answers the question: “How can I find the optimum mix of revenue optimisation, value preservation and innovation in my infrastructure with the multiple restrictions in place (budget, resources, materials, opportunities/risks and legal framework conditions) and make this transparent with a consensus in the company?” The talks covered the latest ISO55000 standard and answered the question of how this can ideally be introduced in an energy company. ISO55000 is not yet applicable as a German standard, but there are already German-speaking certification bodies.

Several companies reported on their experiences with the introduction of an AM system, and demonstrated that the major benefit is transparent agreement at strategic, tactical and operational levels. What is crucial is opportunity and risk management, which in addition to strategies and goals represents the decisive tool for viable investment decisions. Various departments within a company, on the one hand, and different sites on the other, lead to differences in the content of the AM system, but not in organisation and structured processes.

The importance of data was not disputed by those attending. Nevertheless, the following question proved controversial in discussions: “How many data are needed to start developing an AM system?” Participants said that they had started with very little data, and the development of the AM system had in fact helped in deciding what data were to be used.

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