A Future of more than battery storage

Solar and wind provide a high demand correlation and can be deployed for direct consumption. The influx of renewable energy sources also requires the grid and associated system to adapt. Therefore, not only must the classic polluting energy generators be replaced, but also the polluting components that keep our grid stable and flexible.

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are deployed on large-scale to store excess and backup energy for both the ability to rectify the frequent imbalances on the grid and the ability to recover in event of any contingency e.g. black start functionality. Freqcon is a German manufacturer of power converter and BESS with more than 20+ years of experience.

Freqcon’s lithium-ion BESS provides efficient cost management and a reliable energy supply in commercial and industrial companies, while providing grid ancillary services for the utility. The BESS is designed to offer flexibility and stability for all applications and at the same time, increase the economic efficiency for the operator.

Freqcon, continuing its legacy of innovation, goes over and above to offer inherent flexibility for the power converter. Looking beyond the lithium ion BESS, we see other ingenious energy storage solutions, as well as new revenue streams, entering the market at large scale in this decade.

Freqcon’s core product, the Multi-Source Converter (MSC), connects power sources and sinks via a common DC link. This allows Freqcon to combine several energy sources such as wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, electrolysers, high power DC chargers for EVs, fuel cells, generators as well as a wide array of battery chemistries to a single hybrid system.

This means the elimination of high installation costs and individual power conversion systems for each storage component. By coupling the different components at the DC-link the overall efficiency of the system is increased and better system integration is realized.

What this means is that futuristic projects, for example hydrogen storage coupled with popular lithium-ion batteries as well as sodium ion batteries, can be realized today, effortlessly and efficiently. Each system built with Freqcon Multi-Source Converter is future ready, whether it be adapting to new grid requirements or adding new components to existing power system.

Operators do not need to oversize battery storage to achieve project life of 10 years. Instead, they start with the optimal battery technology of today, and augment with the optimal storage technologies during the lifetime of the project. CAPEX is deferred and the project is operated optimally over the lifetime. New revenue streams such as fast DC chargers for EV are realized conveniently while maintaining safe operation of already attached components. 

The trends of decentralization, digitalization and electrification of end users, are achieved efficiently by a system of the future, today.

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