The Adaptricity platform is at the heart of our product range. It boasts a super-efficient simulation engine and a wide variety of grid calculation functions, such as power flow, short circuit calculation, stress test, and time-series simulations. Simulation results can be viewed either in standard dashboards, or specifically customised dashboards to suit customer needs.

About our products


  • Features that can be immediately employed in day-to-day operations of grid planning.
  • Grid models can be easily imported.
  • Grid model calculations (power flow, short circuit, grid reinforcement, connection requests, N-1 analysis, and reliability) are a single click to access.


  • Delivers detailed analysis of distribution grids based on time-series simulations.
  • True-to-life simulation
  • Simulation can seamlessly integrate synthesized time series for a variety of customer types, as well as transformer measurements for the powers and the voltages.
  • Simulate the impact of renewable energy sources, flexible loads or grid upgrades on the grid with the form of a “what if” analysis.


  • Comprehensive grid monitoring through Smart Meters and substation measurement equipment.
  • Helps detect operational violations.
  • Spot negative trends in a grid.
  • Allows for power flow calculations for each time-step.
  • Automatic, accurate information on grid’s operational state every 15 minutes.


  • End-customers evaluate connection requests themselves.
  • Software quickly determines which grid node would be suitable for a new installation at a given location.
  • Instant feedback for the customer and a lower workload for the grid planning department


  • Summarise a large amount of data to provide an actionable overview to the grid operator.
  • Customisable to visualise various types of measurements.
  • Our entry-level product
  • Upgradable to Adaptricity.Mon

These products build upon the same cloud-based platform and use the same digital twin of the distribution grid, making the upgrade from initial stages of grid planning to full Smart Meter based grid monitoring an easy process.

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About the company

Secure Switzerland AG was acquired by Secure in 2021 and is a company specialised in developing highly innovative simulation software for electricity power grids. We develop simulation and monitoring software tools for adapting electric distribution grids for the transition towards renewable energies and flexible loads.

Our process-oriented, cloud-based grid analytics platform incorporates every aspect of an innovative, data-driven planning and operation approach for grid infrastructure and allows distribution network operators to better understand, operate and plan their power grid infrastructure using data-driven network analytics. This results in significant cost savings in network operation, maintenance, planning, and asset management.

Our software products create the opportunity to identify and take advantage of latent efficiency potentials in grid operation, grid planning, and asset management.

Press contact:

Dominique Baudenbacher

Design & Communications Manager – Europe


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Secure Switzerland AG

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8048 Zurich

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