Alpha-Omega Technology presents starter package „Ortsbeleuchtung“

Cities and municipalities are under pressure to act: politicians are pushing the use of smart metering systems and citizens expect digital services. A new product package from Alpha-Omega Technology GmbH & Co. KG makes the digitalisation of street lighting simple, cost-efficient and low-risk: In the „Ortsbeleuchtung“ IoT solution, existing ripple control receivers are replaced by the GreenBox Compact 3 from the manufacturer CleverCity. They connect via a Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) to an Internet-of-Things (IoT). Via a visualised dashboard, municipalities can digitally monitor and control their street lighting. The entry-level packages include three, five or ten configured GreenBoxes as well as everything else needed for operation. Available from

The "Local Lighting" product package is a good start for your own LoRaWAN infrastructure: once set up, the solution is easily scalable. Thus, further applications can be integrated, with which municipalities can save energy, money and personnel and improve their services for citizens. Cities and municipalities that already operate a LoRaWAN also benefit. All they have to do is replace the old ripple control receivers in their street lamps with GreenBoxes. Remote control is then no longer carried out via ripple control technology, but by radio via LoRaWAN. The solution works on many commercially available LoRaWAN servers, the demo dashboard via The Things Stack. The switching time of the individual lamps can be intelligently controlled and defective luminaires are quickly detected. By continuing to use existing lamps, the cityscape does not change and resources are conserved.

The features of the „Ortsbeleuchtung“ package at a glance:

  • Three, five or ten configured GreenBoxes with integrated angled antenna
  • LoRaWAN outdoor gateway
  • three months use of the demo dashboard
  • two to four hours of support, depending on the package
  • Group setup and switching with multicast
  • Device overview of all GreenBoxes
  • Alarm messages
  • Dynamic group and gateway assignment setup
  • Map view with locations of individual units
  • Automation
  • Group overview and query
  • Individual downlinks to the unit or as multicast

In addition to replacing the ripple control technology, the solution offers further advantages: GreenBox and LoRaWAN are a viable foundation for smart metering and make its rollout more effective. Once set up, the possible applications of LoRaWAN in Smart Villages range from measuring the temperature of the road surface and filling level sensors in waste bins to traffic counters for traffic control and the monitoring of transformer stations to environmental sensor technology.

Pioneer for Smart Village solutions
Founder and CEO Jan Bose and his company Alpha-Omega Technology are among the pioneers of intelligent street lighting: together with the then local mayor of the Thuringian municipality of Martinfeld, Jan Bose launched SMARTinfeld, a model project for smart village applications, six years ago. Here, too, the technical basis is a LoRaWAN. Bose summarises the advantages of the new "village lighting" product package: "The GreenBox Compact 3 is already established as an alternative to ripple control receivers. Via use case implementations, we have developed demo dashboards into a stand-alone solution. Now, together with CleverCity, we offer a flexible package for newcomers as well as for established LoRaWAN operators."

Further information
Starter package „Ortsbeleuchtung“:
GreenBox Compact 3 from CleverCity:

Contact person on site
Jan Bose, CEO
Halle 5, Stand 512

Press contact  
Veronique Rogge 
+49 (0)36082 8477-27

About Alpha-Omega Technology  
Alpha-Omega Technology GmbH & Co. KG, based in Schimberg, Thuringia, and Berlin, was founded in 2016 by Jan Bose as a sister company of the consultancy Alpha-Omega Projects GmbH. With the development of IoT applications based on low-power networks such as LoRaWAN, Alpha-Omega Technology creates novel and cost-effective solutions for public and commercial customers. In addition to selling IoT hardware and developing software, Alpha-Omega Technology establishes IoT networks for municipalities and companies together with partners and advises customers on the implementation strategy. With, Alpha-Omega Technology operates Germany's largest online shop for sensors and other equipment for setting up professional LoRaWAN networks. In addition to energy providers and municipalities, customers also include research institutions and industrial companies. Further information is available at

CleverCity GmbH implements products and solutions in the field of smart city and smart energy. The aim is to handle projects in a customer-specific manner, to offer customised applications and to find professional solutions for both hardware and firmware developments. CleverCity GmbH develops future-oriented solutions in the field of intelligent street lighting controls and load management applications in stand-alone operation as well as integrated, intelligent communication solutions. For more information, visit .

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