Congress 2017: (Smart) energy services

Under the umbrella “(Smart) Energy Services”, the consultancy firm MPW which specialises in the field of energy services organised two independent seminars as part of the E-world congress. These seminars complemented one another as half-day events in an overview of a multi-faceted conference, which put the opportunities for successful business models for energy services in the housing sector and industry under the microscope. Michael Körber, Partner and Lawyer at MPW Legal & Tax, who chaired the conference, welcomed decision-makers and experts as speakers and participants who enhanced the event with their expertise on both sides.

The first session on smart energy services took place in the morning and was dedicated to “Successful models for the housing sector”. Mr Michael Lowak, CEO of GETEC WÄRME & EFFIZIENZ AG, presented examples of the successful implementation of energy service models in the housing sector, and offered evidence that energy services work as a standardised product in the mass market as well. Dr. Thomas Goette, Managing Director of GreenPocket GmbH, also gave a very interesting and informative overview of the market situation in “Smart Energy”. Dr. Axel Viehweger, Chairman of the Federation of Housing Associations of Saxony, painted a picture of the future role of the Smart Home in the housing sector, and emphasised the importance of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) in view of the age structure of our society. Mr Andreas Böhl and Mr Ingo Eppenstein, Lawyer, sketched out approaches to “Smart Heat in the Housing Sector” from a legal and economic perspective.

The second session in the afternoon was devoted to possible successful models for industry. Dr. Frédéric Brodach, Director Investor Confidence Project (ICP), presented criteria which make energy efficiency seem attractive from an investor perspective. One significant factor, according to his report, is the creation of transparency through establishing and using standards. Mr Olf Clausen, Managing Director of the m+p Group, then presented his view of future developments in energy services in industry. Mrs Kathrin Neumeyer, Partner and Tax Advisor at MPW Legal & Tax, presented the new mass/energy balancing principles under IFRS 16, and approaches to off-balance sheet solutions through new risk allocation for energy services.

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