ConnectPoint supports Stadtwerke Leipzig in building and operating Digital Platform.

The Utilities’ market conditions are changing rapidly: energy production decentralization, climate changes, new regulations and growing social pressure. The main answer to that is Digital Transformation. At the same time, according to McKinsey research from 2018, 86% of digital transformation projects fail. How to avoid that in City Utilities environment?

Digital Challenges

ConnectPoint works with city utilities for the last ten years. From their experience cities start with advanced IT projects, rather than focus on an digital skills and proper data infrastructure. Without that kind of dataset, your organisation may get lost in new systems, new programs and new projects that are not connected — you lose synergy.

The second challenge is the choice of the right technology. Cities have to first learn about available technologies and then focus on projects that bring the most value for the city and citizens. 

ConnectPoint with Stadtwerke Leipzig worked together from 2017  to develop the right approach to building the Digital City. 

First step: Digitalization Platform

The first goal was to build a digitalisation platform that supports the development of specific apps to bring new value. Digitalization platform is a clean and properly created data platform. 

It had to collect and store data from various city operations and systems including diverse kinds of OT and IoT data sources. One of the challenges was linking utility with other city departments for better provision of services.

Second step: Applications

The second step was identifying the main challenges and opportunities in the city. ConnectPoint supported Stadtwerke in setting up agile development ecosystem including methodologies and environments needed to start delivering.  Then ConnectPoint team guided utilities’ management through available technologies and solutions.

The result was the creation and implementation of various digital systems built on top of Digital Platform like:

IT/OT and IoT Data infrastructure - Integration layer for all the critical infrastructure (SCADA systems) and Iot in the city.

Mobile Applications for workforce management - optimizing maintenance processes in network operations

Customer portals - for various types of customers digitizing basic operations of Stadtwerke

Smartvee – ConnectPoint’s product for meter data cleaning, validation and advanced analysis.

Working together on digital

ConnectPoint unique platform for city utilities supports the whole value chain: from generation to customer relationship management. Step-by-step we build with you the digital command centre for the whole city operations. Save water, optimise electricity usage, monitor in real-time your sustainability performance and explore new business opportunities in one interconnected system.

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