Data Science and Predictive Maintenance are Key to Sucess in Energy and Industry

Competitive pressure, the need to reduce costs, reduce negative environmental impact. For these and other problems, companies are looking for solutions in the rapidly developing Data Science.

Having extensive amounts of data is potentially an amazing opportunity for organizations. The only challenge is to use it properly. Data managing and cleaning tools allow a company to obtain truly valuable information. Only they ensure the authentication of the results obtained from further analyzes.

The ideal data management solution should be quick to implement, flexible and scalable. Only then your Digital Infrastructure will be able to adapt to changes in and outside of the company. For almost 10 years, ConnectPoint has been developing, implementing and maintaining this kind of solutions.

ConnectPoint solutions in Data Science and Predictive Maintenance

ConnectPoint specializes in IT solutions in the area of advanced analytics for the Energy and Industry. They utilize the unique technology of data integration from production, sensors and devices in real-time. They connect the world of automation with business processes, which allows you to make decisions more efficiently.

Predictive Platform - a new solution in the ConnectPoint portfolio

Predictive Platform is a complete analytical toolbox for leveraging Data Science in the organization. It allows for easy development and usage of algorithms (like Artificial Intelligence). Take advantage of Big Data with fast transition from the idea to the implementation of the solution. Scale your solutions to every company in the Power, Industry and Utilities sector.

Predictive Platform allows for:

  • a predefined set of environments integrated with SCADA systems, databases, Data Lake solutions, popular historians, OSIsoft PI system and others;
  • support for building algorithms in Python, R, Matlab, Scala;
  • the possibility of easy integration of Artificial Intelligence solutions prepared by external suppliers;
  • scalability to thousands of simultaneous users;
  • the ability to integrate with computing clusters - Spark, Dask, which allows you to run tasks that need considerable computing power;
  • dynamic use of computing power, which allows competitive price;
  • Smart RDM portal
    • easy sharing of results with everyone in the company so they can be used in the decision-making process;
    • creating interactive dashboards for easier exploration of data
  • installation on public cloud or on-premise;
  • possibility of full support 24/7.

Along with the delivery of the analytical platform, ConnectPoint offers full customer support in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science projects. Their Data Science Team increases the speed and effectiveness of the implementation of the solution. With them, you can move fastly from design and pilot to full implementation.

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