E-world Congress: International gas market

The gas market is a global market. The E-world International Gas Market Conference plans to discuss major new prospects. The morning will focus more on the general outlook for gas in times of globalising climate and energy policy. The basic outlook, as the IEA will report, is good. There will be a chance to discuss with various speakers what potential exists for green hydrogen and biomethane from a European angle. Statoil, amongst others, will present its vision for converting natural gas into hydrogen and marketing this “green” hydrogen. But there will also be discussions during the morning about how technical developments transform the market. Wien Energie will present its Blockchain project for gas trading. The afternoon will be dedicated to current market developments. Gas trading is becoming increasingly European - one of the main focus topics will be how this is already working, and what changes are still required. And there will be quite specific discussions around trading experiences this winter, when a lack of flexibility may spring a few surprises. Uniper Global Commodities will report on lessons learned, and therefore also the prospects for the coming winter. The final topic will then be “floating” LNG terminals, one of the possible global game-changers. By the end of the day, participants should have a good idea of where the opportunities and challenges of 2018 lie.

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