How to optimise Utilities Step-by-Step with Data and New Technologies - The Future of Municipal Utilities is Digital

The Future of Municipal Utilities is Digital. ConnectPoint mission is to help them use their available data for optimisation and green transformation. 

An extensive amount of data from citizens' everyday behaviour and infrastructure is now easy to collect. Municipal utilities are the trusted partner for using this data to make consumers' and businesses' lives more efficient, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

At the same time, innovative technologies are finding their way into municipal utilities. The availability and favourable price structure of software combined with new hardware and cloud software make it an attractive mean to a more sustainable city.

Unfortunately, an increasing number of Stadtwerkes and Utility companies struggle to seize the opportunity. One of the reasons is the silos structure of their IT/OT infrastructure combined with ageing infrastructure. Another reason is the lack of needed IT-Resources with knowledge about the innovative technologies.

How to build a Digital Strategy to respond to these changes and opportunities?

Our company ConnectPoint supports the process of digitalisation in industry, energy and utility sectors. Our customers range from major multinationals (RWE) to local energy, water and heat providers (Stadtwerke Leipzig, Veolia Warsaw). Our tested approach to digitalisation can be visualised as a pyramid. 

The base is a Central Data Repository (CDR). It supplies structured data for further use. Most importantly, it enables sharing information and functionality throughout the organisation and integrates disconnected IT systems. In CDR, we collect and manage data from operations (SCADA, IoT, sensors), market data and business data, and we give processes a data context.

On top of CRD, we build digital services starting from real-time monitoring. Then we move into automatic reporting and expand into advanced analytics and optimisation. 

The inspiration for your digital journey can be a vision of changes that AI can inspire in your operations. At the same time, only with solid fundaments we can successfully implement advanced technologies such as Predictive Maintenance, Digital Twin or reliable Production Forecasting.

The truth is that with well-prepared real-time data, you can benefit from any of the mentioned technologies: Optimise water distribution? Forcast energy usage or production for the next few days? Work on the energy efficiency of your operations? Our team will support you in the whole journey: from data sources audit to implementation of advanced analytics.

Stadtwerke Leipzig Journey

Stadtwerke Leipzig was one of the companies that went through the whole digitalisation journey with us as their technical partner. We helped them become a digital organisation within 24 months. 

Today, Stadtwerke Leipzig can boast of being one of the most modern companies of this type in Germany. Together we developed an infrastructure that allows us to deliver new services in an unprecedented time and budget. Now we can focus on joint R&D work to bring top sustainable innovations to the city.

„ConnectPoint was our first choice for building our flexible digital platform. They have mastered the latest technologies that we need in our municipal utility environment. In joint teams, we are driving forward the digitalisation of our various services in Leipzig. Thanks to their industry expertise, they also have a deep understanding of many areas of municipal utility operations.” – Uwe Fischer, Divisional Head IT Stadtwerke Leipzig.

Technical Partnership with ConnectPoint

Our goal is to provide organisations with a single source of the truth. We prepare the trusted operational data layer that our customers need to succeed with digitalisation. It includes real-time monitoring and automation of widespread reports like shift reports.

You can learn more about our projects with city utilities here. We will be available to answer any questions during E-World in Hall 5 Stand number: 5-663. You can schedule a meeting with us through mail .


Regina Kulas


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