Progressive energy trading companies find a competitive advantage over competitors

Progressive C-suites are taking a close look at OTC electronic Settlement Matching (eSM). The holistic approach positions companies to align business drivers with new tools Fidectus’ eSM software enables.

One of the first competitive advantages eSM will enable for your competitors are massively reduced risk and cost as well as improved cash-flow. Treasury departments quickly understand the value of unlocking cash by optimizing the settlement process. One early mover on the Fidectus Global Energy Network (GEN) platform calculated savings of almost EUR 10 million yearly. When executives added the benefit of reduced cash-flows by factor of 4.6 with the operational savings and settlement risk reductions, they called eSM “game changing”.

In years past, the benefits and upside of eSM were an academic conversation worthy of innovation teams but not worthy of a serious look from the C-suite. With a market-ready solution available and early movers embracing the technology times have changed. Milestones such as automated matching, bilateral netting and dispute resolution have been vetted and performed in the lab and on GEN. If your leadership team is not intimately familiar with the advantages of eSM you are exposed. It is likely at least a few of your competitors are preparing to launch in 2020. Counterparties that deploy this year will start sending electronic settlement documents to your back office in just a few months.

Electronic settlement matching is an opportunity for companies, which move fast in order to ensure competitive advantage.

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