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Leverkusen, June 17, 2022 | Electricity prices are rising and as a result, bills are increasingly being paid late. With the service of automated reminder SMS from dicomsys, energy suppliers optimize their liquidity management. Consumers can transfer their electricity bill to the company with just one click.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, private households paid an average of 32.62 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity in the first half of 2021. That was 4.7 percent more than in the second half of 2020 and 2.1 percent more than in the first half of 2020. Energy costs are rising.

Many of the households hit particularly hard by the price increases have to heat with electricity and generate their hot water electrically. As a result, they are significantly more exposed to electricity price increases. As a result, many low-income consumers can no longer pay their electricity bills.

As a rule, a monthly deduction is paid to cover approximately the annual electricity costs. Annual billing is then performed after the meter reading and the monthly budget is reset. However, consumers often lose paper bills or the bill or reminder gets lost in the emails. As a result, energy suppliers lose around 3% of their revenue each month due to unpaid bills.

Simplified dunning procedure

dicomsys GmbH provides a messaging solution that allows companies to send automated reminder SMS to their customers via a REST API. The advantage of the reminder SMS is not only the delivery within seconds due to the direct connection to all German mobile network operators, but also the possibility to make the payment directly from the SMS. The SMS contains a link to a mobile-optimized payment website with various payment methods. Personal data remains protected by the DSGVO-compliant application. The savings in paper for conventional invoices are also noticeable in terms of CO2 emissions.

The payment process is handled by dipaygo GmbH, a sister company of dicomsys GmbH. Both companies belong to the dimater Group. The Leverkusen-based group of companies specializes in the development and operation of various SaaS solutions in the future-oriented sectors of energy supply, e-health and e-money, the services of a fully comprehensive payment service provider, as well as consulting and services in the field of corporate management and administration.

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dicomsys GmbH stands for forward-looking customer-oriented communication solutions. Using a uniform REST API, companies can communicate with their customers - and vice versa - conveniently, quickly and securely on all important channels, whether via one of the popular messenger services, e-mail or SMS. The cloud-based multi-channel platform of dicomsys GmbH, newly developed under the dimater group, is specifically designed to support companies with innovative individual solutions to address their relevant target groups.

Through long-standing connections with all German mobile network operators and other global partnerships, dicomsys always guarantees worldwide reach at the best possible quality. Since all systems and employees are based in Germany, compliance with all data protection regulations is guaranteed at all times.

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