StoREgio expert forum “Making the energy system more flexible”

Flexibility is the crucial parameter in an energy system based on renewable energy sources. Volatility of generation, decentralised input and additional fluctuating power demand for electric vehicles and heat production will pose major challenges for distribution networks in particular.

With the increasing use of energy storage systems and the possibilities for sector coupling and load flexibilisation, the options to provide the energy system with flexibility are growing at the same time.

The participation of new user groups and the increasing digitization are also changing the competitive landscape and question the business models of the traditional energy industry.

Although challenges and possible approaches are known, suitable market instruments and regulatory frameworks are currently lacking in order to leverage flexibility, especially in the distribution network.

At the expert forum “Making the energy system more flexible - challenges and practical solutions” (Wednesday 7th February, 10 a.m.-1 p.m., Hall 6), members of the association StoREgio will present various technically and economically interesting contributions for effective flexibility management. StoREgio is also represented with its members Akasol, Fenecon, Fraunhofer ISE, Görlitz, TWL and Younicos on a shared booth at E-world 2018 (Hall 6).


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