tetraeder.solar gmbh informs about the high increase of available solar potential data in Europe

At this year's E-world, the engineering company tetraeder.solar gmbh would like to focus attention on the rapidly growing availability of solar potential data as well as the various usages exemplified by best practices.
"We have used the time of the pandemic as wisely as possible and invested many resources in the ex-pansion of our data portfolio," says CEO Dr. Stephan Wilforth. "We now have a large database of around 55 million precalculated buildings. For example, we now have data on roof areas for the whole of Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark, as well as for large parts of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and England. Other countries, where the necessary basic data will gradually become available, are already in our pipeline and are being prepared for analysis in the near future," Mr. Wilforth adds.
But if someone thinks that tetraeder.solar gmbh can "only" offer its solar potential data for the ap-prox. 55 million roofs in Europe, is getting wrong. The special feature of the specially developed soft-ware of tetraeder.solar is the possibility of on-demand calculations. This unique feature on the Euro-pean market is the reason why the engineering company became Google Sunroof partner for Europe. As a result, tetraeder.solar can access many other basic data, for example, the entire area of France and virtually all urban areas in Europe.
"The applicability of our solar potential data is manifold. For example, our data is successfully used for customer targeting as well as lead generation and verification in solar sales, for grid planning or also in the form of information tools in the municipal sector," explains Mr. Wilforth.
The tetraeder.solar gmbh team will be happy to present best practices for the applicability of the data at the E-world in hall 3 at the joint stand of NRW booth 370 stand 13.

About tetraeder.solar
Sun, climate protection and economic efficiency - combined with sales support for the energy industry, expansion forecasts for grid planning as well as research and development competence - that is our field of expertise.
The main focus of our work is on the survey and forecast of renewable energy potentials as well as the develop-ment of information and planning tools. As a leading company, we create our own software for best results. We combine the most suitable data sources efficiently for the benefit of our customers.
We started more than 10 years ago in Germany, grew in Europe and are now active worldwide as a partner of leading data suppliers.

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