The new Nexo platform: energy efficiency in buildings

The energy crisis, environmental regulations, and the need to reduce the carbon footprint pose difficult challenges for the energy sector. In addition, energy customers' expectations for high-quality services and their price effectiveness are increasing. Using the right technologies and tools is an important factor in successfully managing the energy transition. With the Nexo platform, Connectpoint presents a product that supports companies in this process.

Nexo is a platform working as an operational system of a building. It connects building facilities and uses them for services such as energy efficiency, demand side response, or carbon footprint reporting. It includes ready-to-use communication interfaces for devices and sensors, a powerful data management and analysis platform, and an end-user application. With Nexo, it is possible to quickly develop and launch new services and thus gain a competitive advantage.

Nexo customers are mainly energy service providers, utilities, and operators of facilities. Veolia, a leading global Utility is already using Nexo for its innovative, successful heat efficiency service. The company is in the process of an energy transformation and is investing heavily in new services, technologies, and infrastructure to reduce its carbon footprint. One of the biggest inefficiencies is in heat loss from overheated spaces and people's lack of awareness. With Nexo, Veolia can offer a heat optimization service that enables individual temperature management in apartments and sensitizes residents to savings.

This heat efficiency service is made possible by Nexo and the use of a ZigBee network for the entire building (120 apartments) with Danfoss Ally smart thermostats and temperature sensors installed in each apartment. A control room allows Veolia to analyze apartment temperatures and overheating levels and schedule all thermostats connected to the system. A mobile application for each apartment owner not only allows them to control the temperature in the apartment, but residents can also see the heating costs for each room in real-time and the forecasted costs based on weather conditions and temperature set.

Following the success of the first heating season, which saw a 20% reduction in heating costs based solely on awareness and precise temperature control, Veolia is now expanding this service to commercial properties such as hotels, office buildings, and educational institutions. There, even greater savings are expected through schedule-based selective space heating.

Nexo offers many other proven application possibilities. These include energy services such as submetering, control of PV systems, or dynamic energy tariffs.

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