2020 = the year of Power!

EGSSIS is expanding its support in the power market across Europe. We are able to support our clients for their power operations across Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, UK, and Luxemburg by the end of Q2, with more to come later in 2020. 

While traditionally very strong in software to manage gas shipping operations across 16+ countries in Europe, we are expanding our capabilities to better support power scheduling & operations for our clients in a few key markets.

Our release schedule for these grids are:

  • Q1: Belgium & France
  • Q2: Germany, Austria & Luxemburg

We’re also capable of power operations in the UK and NL should you require this.

The natural synergy of this combined offering means that we are open to develop power operations in additional markets for our customer base. Therefore we have branded 2020 the year of power for EGSSIS!

Our team of IT professionals is working closely with our experienced operations managers, grid operators, and customers, to create the most user-friendly power operations software in the market.

We are also partnering with several independent forecasting providers and our clients to test models, and optimize forecasting, in order to lower the imbalance costs.

Come by our booth (2-435) for more information and a live demo of our software.

Book a meeting with us at E-World to learn more and discuss how we can help you: https://www.egssis.com/event/meet-egssis-at-e-world-2020/


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