A patented economical environmentally friendly sea water desalination method

According to the most recent UN report (https://news.un.org/en/story/2022/05/1118142), more than 2.3 billion people on earth are threatened by water shortages and drought, which is already increasingly impacting Europeans. The shortage of water, signals not only a growing crisis related to impending famine, but also impacts climate-related migration and increases the risk of hostile conflicts. Sufficient sources of affordable water for agriculture and reforestation can reduce food scarcity and further absorb CO², helping to reduce global warming.    

Current seawater desalination plants perform the processes using significant amounts of supplied energy. The most commonly used process, reverse osmosis, requires a number of chemicals to clean the filters used in order to function properly. Together with the highly concentrated seawater, a brine is produced that is extremely harmful to the environment and is dumped back into the sea. This is done on a localized basis, creating an ecological desert at the discharged site.

Frewalution pursues the approach of using large areas of fallow land for seawater desalination. In this process, the seawater is only insignificantly concentrated, so that the return to the sea does not cause any damage. In addition, the direct use of solar energy makes the process much more cost-effective, leading to m3 prices that even make subsequent agriculture and forestry appear economical.

The Frewalution method has been recently tested theoretically in a collaborative effort with a German TU (technical university). At the present time, we are seeking strategic industrial partnerships and/or investors to move forward in the near future with a pilot project. We envision constructing a pilot project in an African country which has already agreed to provide i.e., the appropriated land free of charge in support of the planned project. Ultimately, at the successful conclusion of the Frewalution pilot project, a plant will be built that has the potential to generate 50,000 m3 of water per day.

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