ČEZ Energo has expanded the range of Czech flexibility aggregators - it delivers services for system stabilization through the Flexigy platform.

ČEZ Energo has become one of the most important flexibility aggregators on the market. Thanks to the implementation of the innovative Flexigy platform from Unicorn Systems, the company now has the opportunity to offer the market a portfolio of more than 130 gas-fired power and heat generators. This offering represents a capacity in excess of 100 MW, comparable to a single unit of a conventional coal-fired power plant. CEZ Energo is thus entering the market with support services and is positioning itself as an aggregator that will contribute significantly to the balancing of the Czech transmission system managed by CEPS.

Since 2021, the Czech Republic has been legislatively allowed to aggregate flexibility from smaller sources and consumers. Over the last two years, several aggregators have emerged on the market, but CEZ Energo is a leader among them thanks to its advanced grid stabilisation services.

As a technical aggregator, CEZ Energo uses the Flexigy tool to identify available flexibility. Thanks to the advanced prediction and optimization kernel, the optimal composition of 1 MW power units can be found. The information on available flexibility is then transmitted to CEZ's trading department, which then trades it on the energy market.

According to the trading results, the Flexigy system then prepares operating plans for both individual resources and the entire aggregation block. Continuous optimization can also indicate situations when the sold volumes cannot be delivered. In this case, the system will help the dispatcher to adjust the operating parameters so that flexibility delivery is possible.

However, the main added value of the Flexigy platform is the automation of flexibility identification. Thanks to a sophisticated prediction module, the system can identify flexibility for the following hours and days from historical data and weather forecasts. This then allows the optimization algorithm to automatically build bids and operational plans to achieve the most efficient use of the entire resource portfolio.

About ČEZ Energo
ČEZ Energo, s.r.o. was established in early 2011 through a partnership merger between ČEZ, a.s. and TEDOM a.s. It currently operates a total of 151 CHP units with a total installed electrical capacity of 122 MWe and thermal capacity exceeding 229 MWt, with a long-term goal of operating a centrally controlled portfolio of resources with a total installed capacity of 200 MWe.

About Unicorn
Unicorn is a renowned European company providing the largest information technology systems and solutions. Our long-term focus is on the high added value and competitive advantage we bring to our customers. We have been operating in the market since 1990 and during this time we have developed a range of cutting-edge and extensive solutions that are widely used and adopted by the most important companies in various industries. We are also the operators of the Plus4U internet service, where we offer a wide portfolio of services based on robust software solutions for small and medium sized businesses and, most importantly, for people. Our software helps to manage natural resources efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our goal is to educate people and also society. That's why in 2007 we founded Unicorn University, which also runs the Unicorn Top Gun Academy- a comprehensive education system for our employees, that is, for all of us.


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