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Fincons Group provides game-changing platform for simplifying billing process management of B2B contracts in Energy&Utilities

By Simone Villa, Global General Manager, Energy & Utilities Business Unit at Fincons Group

Suppliers in the Energy & Utility sector are facing increasing challenges, especially when it comes to B2B contract configuration and management. Unlike B2C contracts that are standardized, B2B contracts might be highly complex, in particular if we consider contracts established with high energy consumption companies which need personalized agreements to meet individual client needs and requirements. This personalization can now be more specific and detailed than ever, thanks to the advent of second-generation meters, or 2G meters, that record and update accurate consumption of kWh every 15 minutes, allowing the creation of contracts based on consumption measured in near real time.

This new flexibility and real-time accuracy offered by 2G meters enables suppliers to draft and configure complex contracts based on algorithms and operations related to consumption and price profiles that may vary from hourly to up to 15-minutes fees. In addition to highly personalized timeframes, B2B contracts such as “Take or Pay” contracts allow suppliers and businesses to agree on further details and price profiles to define, for example, the price of energy once the agreed-upon amount has been consumed.

Legacy software is not equipped to manage and configure such detailed contracts, and, as a result, suppliers typically use spreadsheets to keep track of complex B2B contracts and input the related details in the billing platform only when it’s time to generate an invoice. This process can cause inaccuracies, as well as traceability and auditing issues and can prove to be costly for suppliers, as it occupies valuable time and resources. 

Fincons’ Meter To Cash platform: innovating billing process management of B2B complex contracts 

Fincons’ Meter To Cash platform is the disruptive solution developed to meet real market needs and to innovate metering, billing and credit processes for the sale and distribution of electricity, gas, water and other value-added services, significantly reducing CAPEX and OPEX. The Meter To Cash solution, that can be tailored to several business processes, provides business users with full visibility and enables first-hand data and rule management.

When it comes to the B2B market, Fincons’ Meter To Cash platform can be instrumental in solving contract configuration and processes traceability issues without requiring specialized staff or additional training. Thanks to its user-friendly design and intuitive UX, this platform allows the end-user to configure both standard and customized billing algorithms independently without the need for specific IT skills. The platform offers user-configurable invoice templates, customizable by product, customer or sales company and provides additional features. 

This means that E&U suppliers are finally able to configure and manage high-complexity B2B contracts, with little to none IT skills and without resorting to the use of spreadsheets or additional software. In addition, this modern solution provides a detailed calculation log, giving users access to granular-level calculation operations, not only facilitating analysis and issue ticketing, but also enabling process traceability down to the last detail.

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