Fuel cells for critical utility infrastructure and solutions for the separation of hydrogen from gas streams

This year, Europe's leading energy trade show is dedicating a separate exhibition area to the topic of hydrogen under the title "Hydrogen Solutions". This underlines the outstanding importance of the topic within the energy transition. The forum offers companies the opportunity to present their expertise, services and products related to hydrogen and its role as an energy carrier.

Replacing diesel generators in critical infrastructure

The Munich-based company SIQENS develops and produces methanol fuel cells. The devices are designed for backup power supply to critical infrastructure and for use in locations without a permanent connection to the power grid. " In the long term, our fuel cells will replace diesel generators, which are still widely used today, in a carbon-neutral way. And with our hydrogen separation technology, we are creating solutions for the 'last mile' hydrogen infrastructure, making the 'green oil of the future' available everywhere," says Dr. Thomas Klaue, CEO of SIQENS GmbH.

The Ecoport, SIQENS' fuel cell system, runs on liquid methanol, which serves as a hydrogen carrier. Hydrogen is initially extracted from the methanol within the Ecoport. The hydrogen then reacts with oxygen in the SIQENS HT-PEM fuel cell stack to generate electrical energy. In combination with a battery in the SIQENS EcoCabinet, SIQENS provides a system for off-grid power supply at any location.

Compared to diesel generators, fuel cells are economical and require hardly any maintenance. They emit neither particulate matter nor nitrogen oxides, and their carbon emissions are low. Methanol from regenerative sources enables carbon-neutral operation. Therefore, fuel cells are a real alternative to combustion-based means of power generation. " When it comes to the energy transition, hydrogen will play a prominent role in the years ahead," says Dr. Klaue. "We very much welcome the fact that E-world energy & water is placing this subject so prominently this year."

The SIQENS team of experts will be available on all three days of the fair to answer any questions industry professionals may have about fuel cells and hydrogen.

Meet us in Hall 4, Booth 210, at the joint-booth of Bayern Innovativ


SIQENS, founded 2012 in Munich, is a leading provider of methanol fuel cells and technology for electrochemical hydrogen separation (EHS). The Company’s methanol fuel cell product line (Ecoport) supplies clean energy in remote areas or backup power to critical applications. Built on its patented high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (HT-PEM) technology portfolio for power generation, SIQENS offers solutions to separate and purify hydrogen at the point of use from several feed gases – as from hydrogen-blends in natural gas pipelines or reformate gases from methanol or biogas. The SIQENS technology portfolio addresses the challenge of last-mile hydrogen distribution: Driving the decarbonization of power generation, transportation, and industry by reducing the cost of hydrogen delivery.



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