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For a humane future, we need new means and concepts of mobility - and we need them now! With GLS Mobilität, as part of the GLS community, we are making our contribution to a sustainable revolution of mobility and transport. In our vision of the future, we see ourselves as initiators and enablers of forward-looking mobility solutions that are characterized by connectivity, accessibility, participation and modularity – all within planetary boundaries.

Our innovative payment system Giro-e currently finds main application in the field of charging infrastructure for e-vehicles. With Giro-e you’re using the simplest and most popular payment method, with more than 100 million contactless Giro cards on the German market or individual fleet cards/RFID tokens. It's easy and intuitive to use, with no app or extra software needed.

A brand-new addition to our Giro-e family is our PAY-T payment terminal. Equipped with all known Giro-e functionalities and a card reader, credit card payments can now be just as easily enabled. One PAY-T terminal can serve several charging points at one location. Feel free to contact us directly to arrange a consultation.

With our products Giro-e WORK and HOME, you can fully equip your electrified fleet with the best backend available. Corporate cars can be charged both at work and at home. Charging processes are billed automatically, and HOME includes reimbursement of the private electricity used. Use Giro-e PUBLIC for charging in public areas. If you are a charging station operator on third-party property, Giro-e REFUND is the right product for you.

All our products include our commercial backend Giro-e. This gives you insight into all operations of your own charging points. Prices and discounts can be set individually. You can also enable discounts at a terminal via our Cashpoint. Our technical backend Giro-e TCC for the connection of your charging stations is optionally bookable as well.

With Giro-e EASY, we take over the complete commercial operation of your charging points and act as their operator.

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You too can make an active contribution to the revolution of the transport sector and mobility!


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