Green by Iceland at E-World 2023: Icelandic innovators showcase newest developments for energy and sustainability solutions

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Essen, May 23rd – Green by Iceland is exhibiting at this year’s E-World in Essen, Germany, providing a stage for innovative Icelandic companies from the energy sector to showcase their solutions and technologies to the audience of one of the most influential energy trade shows globally. With Atmonia, ON Power, HS Orka, Efla and Snerpa Power five companies will accompany the representatives and experts of Green by Iceland to Essen, to talk about providing resilient, future-ready and sustainable solutions.

„Iceland has been harnessing renewable energy for over a 100 year is at the forefront of sustainability and the green transition. Today 100% of electricity and house-heating needs are met with renewables that are produced within Iceland”, says Nótt Thorberg, Director Green by Iceland. “Renewable energy lays the foundation for Iceland ‘s modern society and prosperity.  It turned one of the poorest countries in the world into a competitive player in the international playing field and attractive solutions which might help other nations push forward to a greener sustainable future.”

From green ammonia, green electricity and power to modern energy consulting

Atmonia is an Icelandic tech startup company developing a sustainable process for ammonia production. Atmonia’s mission is to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions with new technologies in the field of ammonia and nitrate production. The company’s technology is both economical and environmentally friendly and will contribute significantly to the fight against global warming. Atmonia’s new technology aims to produce ammonia from air and water and will emit no greenhouse gases, but the current ammonia production method is responsible for 1-2% of the world's anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions.

ON Power produces and sells electricity to large parts of the population of Iceland and hot water to the capital area of Reyjkjavik. Their objective is to protect the interests of the country’s natural resources and the company’s customers, guided by the principle of sustainability. In so doing, the company supports innovation and the responsible utilisation of natural resources and promotes energy switching to a lower ecological footprint for the benefit of society as a whole. ON Power also operates the Geothermal Park, a platform for companies who are interested in using clean renewable resources for their vision. The Park has a wide range of operations which aim to utilize geothermal resources with the mindset of waste-to-value, benefiting the environment and creating value.

HS Orka is a leading Iclandic producer of renewable energy. They are the largest energy producer in Iceland in the private sector, owned in equal parts by Jarðvarmi, a company owned by 14 Icelandic pension funds, and the British infrastructure investment fund Ancala Partners. Innovation has always been at the heart of the company, a fact most evident at the Resource Park, where the emphasis is placed on using the run-off fluid from the power plants as a resource. As well as a 9.9 MW run-of-river power station in Biskupstungur, HS Orka owns and operates two geothermal power plants in Reykjanes, one of which was just expanded from 100 MW to 130 MW capacity.

EFLA is a general engineering and consulting company based in Iceland with international activities and consultancy around the globe, amongst others in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Poland, France and Scotland.  EFLA's strength is based on highly qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in a wide variety of fields. The company mission is to enable and support the success of its customers and society as a whole, through progressive and value-driven solutions.

SNERPA Power was founded by Íris Baldursdóttir and Eyrún Linnet in January 2022 with the vision of developing intelligent energy services that tap into the full potential of the power intensive industry, thereby creating new revenue streams, increasing the competitiveness of the electricity market and giving more room for the energy transition. The sustainable and intelligent use of energy resources is at the core of the company that wants to create gains for their customers as well as the energy system as a whole through innovation, automation and digitalization of industrial load.

Green by  Iceland @ E-World 2023

Green by Iceland and its partner companies can be found at stand 1-217.

About Business Iceland and Green by Iceland

Business Iceland, a public-private partnership established to lead the promotion and marketing of Iceland in foreign markets and stimulate economic growth through increased export, launched the Green by Iceland initiative in 2021 to increase the export of renewable energy expertise and sustainable solutions from Iceland. Within Iceland Green by Iceland also works to strengthen the collaboration between the private and public sectors when it comes to reaching and carbon neutrality by 2040.

With more than 40 partners, Green by Iceland supports and leverages renewable energy projects in Iceland and provides a platform for knowledge sharing. Green by Iceland website showcases circular stories of businesses and projects that are leading the way in renewable energy.

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