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With the world's first lithium-ion battery system for industrial high- voltage applications with bipolar output voltage, Commeo GmbH is breaking new ground: The innovation from the experts from Wallenhorst delivers positive and negative voltage at the same time through three external connections. The system thus enables cost-efficient energy infrastructures to be set up with the greatest possible flexibility.

In various practice-oriented versions, the bipolar HV system from the innovation leader Commeo offers a high voltage level in the smallest possible space with the lowest weight. The intrinsically safe battery system significantly reduces the complexity of connecting the storage system landscape to the 3-point converter. In this way, professional customers from all areas can save a lot of money and space compared to other systems at this level of performance.

Tailor-made for specific areas of application

Developed as modular battery storage in variants with up to 48 (HV-C Smart Power

/ Energy) or up to 14 (HV-L Longlife / Energy) Commeo energy storage blocks, the bipolar HV solutions are ideally suited for specific areas of application: The Commeo HV -C systems are used to reliably stabilize the network-internal energy infrastructures. In addition, they guarantee an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), buffer high starting currents when starting machines or production systems and compensate for reactive power. Last but not least, they guarantee the secure supply of telecommunications systems.

The Commeo HV-L systems, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for primary control power and thus provide the necessary energy reserves to compensate for irregularities in the public power grid. They are also used to set up efficient, high- performance and particularly safe charging infrastructures, for reliable peak-load capping (PeakShaving) and for optimizing self-consumption. Their use to compensate for irregularities in the network and the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) complete the range of professional applications

This performance level is achieved, among other things, through a cooperation with the future-oriented converter manufacturer CE+T. The US specialists have developed a multidirectional converter, whose three connections can act as inputs and outputs. This means that it can secure AC and DC loads and charge batteries at the same time. At the heart of each module, there is a DC energy buffer. It uses the energy that comes, whatever its source, to feed what needs it. The total output power is dynamically shared between the loads and the batteries.

Unmatched performance data

The HV-C systems from the Wallenhorst battery experts are characterized by their high energy density of up to 90.7 kWh / m2 and their power density of up to 216.7 kWh / m2. "With a continuous load of up to 4C and a peak power of up to 6C, they are also perfect as a special and decentralized isolated application in the industrial sector," explains Michael Schnakenberg, Managing Director of Commeo GmbH. The Commeo HV-L solutions are recommended for photovoltaic and container applications. Its energy density of 91.3 kWh / m2 and its output of up to several megawatts meet almost every conceivable professional requirement.

Highest possible level of durability and safety

The focus is on their longevity of more than 10,000 cycles as well as the practical option of several full cycles per day with a charge and discharge rate of up to 1.8C /

2.3C. Above all, for the developers there is also the unique industrial security concept of the Commeo energy storage system at block and system level, which offers the greatest possible security thanks to its structure, sensors and software in accordance with the requirements of the new BVES guidelines and makes special battery rooms or investments in the immediate vicinity superfluous. In this way, Commeo battery storage solutions can be set up right where the energy is needed.

Further information on Commeo GmbH is available at www.commeo.com.

Commeo GmbH - energy storage solutions.

Commeo GmbH, based in Wallenhorst near Osnabrück in Lower Saxony, is a rapidly growing company that sets new standards in one of the most important future technologies with its high-performance, innovative and individually tailored energy storage and energy management solutions from its own production. The latest lithium-ion battery technology in a tried-and-tested, efficiently air-conditioned housing, combined with the highest safety standards and modular design, enables perfectly coordinated and at the same time convertible systems from German researchers and developers for a wide range of applications in all areas of industry, from production to energy supply .

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