Innovative Cleantech Solutions from Sweden

Essen, 21 June 2022. The Swedish Energy Agency presents selected Swedish cleantech companies with innovative solutions in Hall 5 at the E-World Energy & Water 2022.

Sweden is an innovation leader in both the European Union (EU) and worldwide. The EU Commission’s European Innovation Scoreboard ranks Sweden as the most innovative country in the EU and the Global Innovation Index ranks Sweden as second in the whole world for 2021. Innovations play an important role in managing the transition into a sustainable economy, but Sweden cannot do it alone.

International cooperation is essential for the development of a sustainable energy system. Since 2014, the Swedish Energy Agency is working with Germany to promote innovation through knowledge exchange and facilitating collaboration between Germany and Sweden in the field of green energy.

“Germany is Sweden’s biggest trade partner and one of the world’s biggest industrial players. Both countries have set high sustainability goals for themselves, and we are happy to work closely together to achieve them. Sweden has a lot of highly innovative small and medium sized companies, who want to offer their cleantech solutions to the German market to help accelerate the energy transition.”, says Jenny Radkova, the representative of the Swedish Energy Agency.

E-World Energy and Water is a key event for promoting Swedish cleantech in Germany. Together with our co-exhibitors we hope to not only inspire, but also create a platform for collaboration and future solutions to meet our mutual challenges and ambitions.

Are you eager to learn more about Sweden’s transition to a green economy?

Join one of these three sessions, which will provide a comprehensive insight into Sweden’s sustainability work as well as concrete impulses for German-Swedish cooperation:

  • 21 June, 16:15 – 18:00: Get Together in the Swedish Energy Pavilion (Hall 5, booth 5-208), with short presentations of Smart City Sweden and the exhibiting Swedish companies – starting directly after the visit of the State Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of North Rhine-Westphalia, Christoph Dammermann
  • 22 June, 11:00 – 12:30: Event at the Costumer Solutions Forum (Hall 5), including presentations of the Swedish Energy Agency and the exhibiting Swedish companies as well as a panel discussion
  • 22 June, 16:00 – 18:00: Get Together in the Swedish Energy Pavilion (Hall 5, booth 5-208) with short presentations of Smart City Sweden and the exhibiting Swedish companies

Learn more about how Sweden is accelerating progress towards the UNs Sustainable Development Goals and hear more about the Swedish cleantech innovators vision of a sustainable society.


Contact information:

Christiane Binsteiner Foberg
German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Senior Project Manager
Business Area Market Services
Tel.:       08-665 18 96

About the Swedish Energy Agency:

The Swedish Energy Agency is a Swedish governmental organisation with an overall responsibility of promoting sustainable energy systems using renewable energy, energy efficient technologies, a smarter end-use of energy and mitigation of climate change. Besides policy development and international collaborations, the Swedish Energy Agency is also an active public financier of R&D and early and growth stage clean tech companies in Sweden through a system of grants. Bilateral and multilateral agreements are critical to achieve the objectives of a sustainable energy system, including knowledge exchange and support for Swedish cleantech companies to expand on international markets.

About the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

The German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce is since 1951 the central point of contact to promote the development of German and Swedish trade and business relations. It is part of the German chamber of commerce network and well connected with companies, authorities, and institutional partners. The services include finding and matching business partners, distributors, sales agents, and importers. Since 2014 the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce is running the ‘German Program’ in cooperation with the Swedish Energy Agency, helping Swedish cleantech-companies expand into the German market. This includes individual business partner brokerages, intercultural coaching, delegation trips to Germany, market analyses and activities on trade fairs.


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