IoT-Trends: Smart Energy, Smart Village und Smart Environment

Alpha-Omega Technology GmbH is an expert in IoT infrastructures and the operator of the largest online shop in the German-speaking region for low-energy products in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). The company's experts currently see three major trends for sensor-based IoT applications:
1. smart energy control: energy-saving measures can be implemented quickly through intelligent control - IoT solutions based on LoRaWAN are ideal for this.
2. smart villages: digital infrastructures and citizen services create locational advantages for rural communities. Smart village applications in community-owned long range wide area networks (LoRaWAN) monitor street lamps, roadways or waste bins.
3. smart environmental monitoring: sensors in a LoRaWAN IoT help adapt to climate changes: They measure soil values, warn of forest fire risks and monitor water bodies.

Trend 1: Smart energy control
If municipalities and companies want to reduce the consumption of electricity or gas, they must also take short-term measures in energy management. IoT solutions based on LPWAN technologies are becoming increasingly popular for intelligent energy control. For example, central hot water radiator systems can be smartly controlled via LoRaWAN. Jan Bose, Managing Director at Alpha-Omega Technologie explains: "The intelligent, thermostatic radiator valve 'Vicki' from MClimate, for example, transmits actual values, set values and information about how far the valve is open. In addition, a schedule can be stored - for example, to automatically lower the temperature in office buildings at night and on weekends and to raise it again in good time if necessary." Sensors can also save energy indirectly. Window sensors, for example, make inspections in large buildings unnecessary because open windows can be easily located.

Trend 2: Smart Villages 
Rural communities can expand their locational advantages with IoT solutions. Digital citizen services, for example, are attractive to young families and skilled workers. Staff shortages can also be alleviated. For example, the refuse collection service only has to empty public waste bins when fill level sensors indicate the need. For six years, Alpha-Omega Technology has been testing sensor-based LoRaWAN IoT applications in practice in cooperation with the Thuringian municipality of Martinfeld and optimising them for rural areas: from smart street lighting to measuring the temperature of roadways and traffic counting to monitoring transformer stations. The findings of the Smart-Village project SMARTinfeld kommen anderen Gemeinden zugute.  

Trend 3: Smart environmental monitoring 
Sensors can provide information about the water level or water quality of rivers and lakes. In this way, communities can identify environmental risks at an early stage and mitigate the consequences. For agriculture and forestry, monitoring weather and soil properties is particularly interesting. Sensors can measure temperature, soil moisture and precipitation, for example. A LoRaWAN IoT can also help to detect forest fire hazards at an early stage. Jan Bose: "Multisensors can detect temperature, humidity, air pressure and various gases such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide for this purpose." 

Trend technology LoRaWAN 
LoRaWAN radio technology requires little energy to transmit measurement and sensor data over long distances. Users build their own infrastructure independently of the large mobile networks. LoRaWAN sensors are available for many use cases outside the classic spectrum of heating valves or car park sensors. 

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About Alpha-Omega Technology  
Alpha-Omega Technology GmbH & Co. KG, based in Schimberg, Thuringia, and Berlin, was founded in 2016 by Jan Bose as a sister company of the consultancy Alpha-Omega Projects GmbH. With the development of IoT applications based on low-power networks such as LoRaWAN, Alpha-Omega Technology creates novel and cost-effective solutions for public and commercial customers. In addition to selling IoT hardware and developing software, Alpha-Omega Technology establishes IoT networks for municipalities and companies together with partners and advises customers on the implementation strategy. With, Alpha-Omega Technology operates Germany's largest online shop for sensors and other equipment for setting up professional LoRaWAN networks. In addition to energy providers and municipalities, customers also include research institutions and industrial companies. Further information is available at


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