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At Secure Meters, we are a manufacturer of a variety of different energy monitoring devices, from our high-end digital panel meter Elite 500 to our much simpler analogue panel meters. They are used for a multitude of applications and industries, such as commercial and industrial sub-metering.

Some of what we supply globally is:

Elite 500 Multi-Function Meter

The Elite 500 is used for energy transfer measurement and reconciliation.

  • Minimal integration cost through hot-pluggable modular options for multiple communication ports
  • Large, high-resolution colour display for both analytical and graphical views
  • Option for either conventional CT or Rogowski coil
  • 17 energy parameter measurement support including net and absolute energy parameters
  • Dual loggers for instantaneous and energy parameters

Analogue Panel Meters (APM’s):

  • Are used for visual indication without a logger or memory.
  • Can be directly connected or via VT / CT >> X/100V (110V) X/1A(5A) or shunt. This allows for easy connectivity and a range of different options.
  • Are made from polycarbonate (case and front), providing durability. The polycarbonate material means they are shatterproof.
  • Have a protection cover for connection terminals, ensuring safety.
  • Are equipped with a snap-in mounting device, making installation simple, reliable, and time saving.
  • Have changeable scales for both quadrant and long scale instruments.
  • Have class 1 accuracy available for moving coil instruments, and for some custom designs of moving iron.

 Digital Panel Meters (DPM’s):

  • Are available in two different types of display, both LED and LCD, to fit your needs.
  • Offer quick and easy installation with a unique pass-through concept for current termination.
  •  Have a wide range of aux inputs that makes them suitable for a variety of different installation scenarios.
  • User-friendly touch-sense keys for easy display access
  • Compact size for optimal use of panel space

We also offer 2 years no quibbles warranty for each product.

Visit us in hall 5, stand 322 for exciting discussions concerning smart grids, smart metering and how we can support you on your way to achieving your goals.

About the company

Secure is a multi-national solutions provider for revenue management, power quality and energy efficiency that enable users to save money, reduce energy consumption and facilitate comfortable living. For three decades, we have provided convenient and cost-effective solutions for our customers to measure and better manage their use of energy. 

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