Radio-based solutions for your application

IK Elektronik, your expert in development and production of radio electronics, such as wireless sensors and actors, gateways, aerials, remote controls and assembly units for energy harvesting. Mainly areas of application are industries and facility automation, consumption data collection, the Internet of Things and wide-range communication.

Another focus lies on measuring devices and gateways for consumption data collection. Heat cost allocators with radio transmission and radio interfaces for water and heat meters are some examples of projects realized by IK Elektronik. Innovative and energy-efficient radio solutions allow the data collection via walk-by and drive-by-reading or fully automated including Cloud connection.

With the MCA (Meter-to-Cloud Adapter) IK Elektronik provides a radio interface for digital electricity meters. This allows real time visualization of energy consumption or control of consumers via smartphone app.

StromPager DX – a control box that gives you access to single or group controls of energy generators and consumers. Two separated transmission ways are used parallel to ensure the communication between the control box and the control center. Beneath the CLS-interface of the smart-meter-gateway on the one hand, StromPager DX supports a radio controlled way on the other hand. For this, the all over Germany available e*Nergy radio network is used.

IK Elektronik, your service partner for development and production of customized radio electronics. Hall 5, Booth 323


IK Elektronik GmbH, Ronny Schurz
Friedrichsgrüner Straße 11-13, 08262, Muldenhammer
Telefon:  +49 (0)37465 4092 459
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