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As a solution provider in the smart metering market, WEPTECH has developed new gas meter adapters for different gas meters together with various meter companies. The radio connection is established with OMS over wM-Bus or OMS over mioty ®. The adapters are available as clip-on modules or as external pulse adapters.

In the wM-Bus version, the adapters can communicate with the BSI SMGW according to the current OMS specification. In the mioty® version, the data are received by the mioty® gateway, e.g. the Diehl gateway, and processed on the IZAR platform.

The transmission of the data can be realized via the following interfaces.

The AE5 communication module for the Elster Absolute Encoder sends the data via digital interface to the communication module. The number rolls are scanned optoelectronically.

The WEPTECH communication adapter CHENOA uses data transmission via pulse interface. The meter data are recorded via reed contact and transmitted to the communication module.

In addition, an external pulse interface is available for all gas meters with pulse interface. The meter data are also recorded via reed contact and sent to the communication module.

The wireless data transmission always takes place via wM-Bus/OMS and mioty®.

The communication adapters in detail

CHENOA is a wireless M-Bus communication adapter for the pulse interface, which records meter data via reed contact and can be retrofitted to Honeywell gas meters to enable remote readout. The radio connection can be made via OMS over wM-Bus or OMS over mioty®. CHENOA is a battery-powered wireless adapter, which is clipped directly onto the meter. Parameterization is done via NFC and the WEPTECH app.

WEPTECH's ORIOL pulse adapter is a wM-Bus/OMS wireless communication adapter for subsequent connection to various types of consumption meters (e.g. gas; heat quantity and/or water meters). The wireless M-Bus pulse adapter counts the pulses of consumption meters with pulse output. The meter reading of the connected device is simulated. Depending on the version, the wireless connection can be selected either by OMS over wM-Bus or OMS over mioty® and communicate in a simple form with the BSI SMGW or other wM- Bus gateways.

JONAH is an AE5 mioty® adapter and is suitable for retrofitting to Elster Honeywell gas meters to establish remote readout. The radio-based data transmission is done via OMS over mioty® to a gateway and from there to the cloud.

We will be showing all adapters from May 23rd to May 25th in hall 5, booth 516 at @E-world Essen!

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