SUAS Group has been using Unicorn’s electricity trading systems for 25 years

Unicorn has supplied the SUAS Group (Sokolovská uhelná) with a tool that can model the impact of weather on the production and consumption of electricity and gas and also features other functions. The latest module is part of the Lancelot energy commodity trading platform used by Sokolovská uhelná for 25 years.

“SUAS Group is one of our most loyal customers and has been using almost the full range of the capabilities available in the Lancelot platform for wholesale, retail and predictive energy trading. Our software helps to manage natural resources efficiently and take a considerable approach to the natural environment. Environmental sustainability is a value endorsed by both SUAS and Unicorn”, says Miroslav Hašek, Unicorn Systems Production Stream Director.

SUAS Group has transformed over the recent years, as has the entire energy market. The number of points of consumption and, consequently, the number of end users of electricity or heat have increased significantly. This has brought the need for efficient customer relationship management, including, for example, billing and invoicing of energy supplies.

The latest successful project is the use of the Lancelot EDM platform designed to support the trading in auxiliary services in the context of the 2022 legislative changes.

Auxiliary services are a necessary prerequisite for ensuring the quality and reliability of electricity supply in the Czech transmission system by ensuring the balance between production and consumption, that is, covering the necessary output when demand is higher than production or reducing production or generating demand when demand is lower than production.

As an electricity producer, Sokolovská uhelná contractually reserves the agreed control output of its power plant units and supplies the output to the grid if necessary.

“The whole project went smoothly without any major issues, as did all the previous projects with Unicorn. The Lancelot product solutions have introduced better streamlining of our energy market trading processes in terms of both the wholesale market’s perspective and the end customer invoicing, and this has been helping us to follow our corporate strategy better. I believe that our collaboration will continue in a similar spirit.” – says David Najvar, Vice-Chairman of the SUAS Group Board of Directors.

Other systems in the Lancelot family used by the SUAS Group:

  • Lancelot EDM (Energy Data Management) – Tool for collecting and managing large-scale time series data, featuring a range of configurable computing functions.
  • Lancelot ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management) – Solution for traders in electricity, gas and other energy commodities.
  • Lancelot CIS (Customer Information System) – Solution for managing customer portfolio, metered consumption values, billing and invoicing of electricity and gas supplies.
  • Lancelot FMS (Forecast Management System) – Tools for calculating time series forecasts and computing models of how weather and season affect the production and consumption of electricity and gas and models of different types of renewable energy sources.

About SUAS Group

The SUAS Group (Sokolovská uhelná) is one of the largest independent power producers in the Czech Republic and the smallest brown coal mining company. Its activities continue the rich historical tradition of mining and refining brown coal in the Sokolov region. The company’s main products are electricity, heat and boiler coal. Sokolovská uhelná also plays an important role in the reclamation and revitalisation of the landscape affected by opencast mining. Since its foundation, the company has been significantly investing in the modernisation of its plants. Moreover, the company’s mining and processing technology is of a top-quality standard in terms of both technical and environmental aspects.

About Unicorn

Unicorn is a renowned European company providing the largest information systems and solutions in the area of information and communication technologies. We focus on providing solutions, which provide a high added value while also delivering a competitive business advantage to its clients. We have been serving our clients since 1990 and over the years, we have developed a number of high-end, large-scale solutions, which are being used to serve the IT needs of important companies in many of the key sectors of the economy. Moreover, we provide the Plus4U Internet service in which we offer a large portfolio of services based on robust software solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, and end users. Our software helps the efficient and careful handling of natural resources and environmentally friendly behaviour.

In the energy and utilities domain, we are focusing on the implementation of extensive information systems for market management and for the related field of energy trade both at the national and international level. Another of our priorities are geoinformatics and solutions for the corporate asset management. We are using both our own software products as well as proven platforms of our partners.

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