Taking the Horror out of Power Failures

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Unexpected power failures or voltage dips inevitably cause major damage in industrial production, data centres or wind turbines. Many other areas of application may also be affected. The new Commeo Edge UPS, designed for 48-volt systems, offers the best possible protection against such failures. The system, which can be configured in modules according to individual requirements, guarantees the uninterrupted supply of production facilities, safety equipment and critical infrastructure in a minimum of installation space at low cost.

Thanks to the high-energy lithium-ion battery technology used by Commeo, the new Edge UPS delivers particularly long bridging times in relation to the provided power at high DC currents and a nominal battery voltage of 48 volts. For example, with an “energy input” of only 6.6 kWh, up to 20 kW of power can be provided for up to ten minutes. From an output of just 3.75 kW, the UPS system provides a voltage of 400 volts AC and enables a single-phase or three-phase uninterrupted supply.

High safety level

The Commeo 48 V Edge UPS is characterised by numerous other performance features: For example, it is equipped with “Auxiliary Power” to supply energy for external components even when the battery system is switched off. And the “Deep Discharge Protection” protects the battery system against any economic damage caused by a deep discharge. The integrated “Depth of Discharge” management controls the desired depth of discharge for optimal capacity utilisation and the “Charger Control” enables the control of different chargers. In addition, an “Individual Switch Off” switches off energy storage blocks individually and thus increases the availability of the battery system. Finally, in addition to a “Backup Charger” and a parametrisable “Print Relay”, the integrated “Power Supply Mode” increases the economic efficiency and service life of the system.

Individually configurable modularity

The new Edge UPS system from Commeo can be modularly adapted to almost any individual requirement, both in terms of the battery and the power electronics: A total of up to six esbC112 energy storage blocks with an output of 6.6 kW each can be used – depending on how large the required output or the required bridging time is to be. The UPS modules can be added in units of 1.25 kW each.

“The Edge UPS is particularly interesting for supplying automated production lines, mobile robots, special machines, data centres, fire protection gates with electric motors, mobile transport systems or the control of wind turbines due to the decentralisation option we have implemented. In this way, a small UPS system can be divided and installed at several critical structures close to the plant – with a high level of guaranteed operational safety in accordance with the Machinery Directive”, explains Michael Schnakenberg, Managing Director of Commeo GmbH. This means that the UPS system does not necessarily have to be housed in a separate battery room.

Great savins potential

As a result, the costs of shielding the supply lines from the UPS system to the object to be supplied are also much lower, because – in contrast to central UPS systems – the individual Commeo Edge UPS units are installed close to the machine.

The 48 V Edge UPS from Commeo can be seen for the first time from 6th October at the Wallenhorst specialists’ stand B6.240 at the Munich exhibition grounds at The Smarter E Restart / Intersolar 2021.

Further information about Commeo GmbH can be found at www.commeo.com.

Commeo GmbH - energy storage solutions.

Commeo GmbH, based in Wallenhorst near Osnabrück in Lower Saxony, are a fast- growing company that are setting new standards in one of the most important technologies of the future with their high-performance, innovative and individually tailored energy storage and energy management solutions from their own production. The latest lithium-ion battery technology in a proven, efficiently air- conditioned housing, combined with the highest safety standards and modular design, enables perfectly coordinated and at the same time convertible systems from German researchers and developers for a wide range of applications in all areas of industry, from production to energy supply.


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