“Using energy instead of wasting it – limitless optimization with digital assistants”

Energy supply companies are under enormous competitive and cost pressure, which has been intensified, for example, by the energy transition or by increased purchasing prices. The complexity of processes has also risen in the last few years due to the growing number of diverse market participants. At the same time, customer centricity is playing an increasingly important role. Customer needs have increased significantly in recent years. For example, they expect a prompt handling of their requests, such as the immediate repayment of credits, but are not willing to pay more.

The optimization of core processes in the energy industry with the help of digital assistants opens up opportunities to counter cost pressures. Software-based automation is possible along the entire value chain, regardless of whether your company is active in energy generation, energy trading, network operation or energy sales.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows you to relieve your employees of redundant tasks or monotonous work and hand them over to a digital assistant without having to replace or expand existing systems or interfaces. RPA integration involves subjecting a predefined combination of values and rules to the Machine Learning process of a software robot (or "bot") that mimics the exchange between a human and a computer. In this way, the bot then creates an error-free automated algorithm to perform the tasks under consideration. By implementing this digital transformation tool, you can benefit from the following advantages:

⁄ Higher overall performance in the company

⁄ Lower risk of errors

⁄ Lower process costs

⁄ Increased employee satisfaction

⁄ 24/7 working bot

Perhaps the following situation sounds familiar to you? The wave of bankruptcies among low-cost energy providers due to higher energy prices means that basic suppliers have to deal with a significant increase in email inquiries or incoming telephone calls. Digital assistants can be used to classify the flood of customer inquiries, assign them to the appropriate employee or even answer them automatically. Employees can concentrate on actual clarification cases, while the rest are answered automatically. This increases not only the satisfaction of your employees, but also that of your customers, because the inquiries are answered quickly.

Successful use cases from the energy industry show how diverse and customizable the application areas of RPA are.

With RPA, a whole range of diverse processes can be automated, e.g., HR processes (candidate selection, onboarding), sales processes (automated response to email inquiries or automated price adjustment), market communication processes (automated processing Pressemitteilung 2 4 of rejection cases) or even financial processes (check processes in dunning or automated creation of credits).

Adastra not only consults you on the selection of suitable business processes for automation in your company, but also takes care of the technical implementation and ensures continuous support afterwards. Adastra can also provide training for your employees.

Why Adastra? Because our customers trust us! They appreciate our automation ideas and our fast results, no matter if it is a simple or complex automation. Convince yourself and talk to us, our RPA experts will be at the booth and will be happy to discuss your individual optimization options with you. You can find us in hall 5, booth 516.


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