Vamos a España!

EGSSIS is working hard to conquer the Spanish market and extend its capabilities to serve all players looking to operate there. Given that it’s one of the LNG gateways to Europe this will add great value to our current and new customers.

If we talk about managing LNG Terminals, gas storage & transport capacities, and balancing your portfolio all over Europe, you'll think about EGSSIS’ software platform.

Based on our experience and on the trust of our customers, we are working hard on the Spanish gas market rules to implement these in our software and propose to all the possibility to manage Spain in egssPort Gas. We’re following the latest developments and report on them regularly, as you can see here:

So if you're looking to start an activity or optimize your current gas operations and processes on the Spanish gas market, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll present you the latest evolutions in our software.


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