Additional Flexibility Through Pooling of Intelligent Hot Water Storage Tanks

The ongoing digitalization of the energy industry and demand for more flexibility requires innovative solutions.

Since 2013 World-Direct, a 100% subsidiary of A1 Telekom Austria AG, has been working intensively on the expansions of A1 Energy Solutions. Different consumption or generation facilities are combined into a virtual power plant and the gained flexibility can be utilized efficiently. Whether many small or few large plants are connected, located close together or far apart, makes no difference. The software controls a wide variety of technical units fully automatically, safe and reliable, according to schedules or setpoint specifications. Simultaneously, the operating specifications and important parameters of each plant are taken into account.

For the first time now hot water storage tanks in private households have been connected, following the integration of power plants, wind and PV systems as well as industrial plants.

Together with research institutes and a leading manufacturer of hot water storage tanks, a storage tank with an integrated controller has been developed. Individual storage tanks are combined in pools and based on demand the heating is controlled by the platform in the A1 data center. The resulting flexibility (negative and positive) can be exploited on the energy market, accordingly. The accurate recording of all heating cycles and energy values makes new tariff models possible. Exact energy data of each individual hot water storage tank is permanently recorded and securely transmitted to the platform.

At the E-world 2020 A1 presents the extensive solution portfolio of A1 Energy Solutions. In addition, A1 presents a sophisticated microgrid optimization. Here, networked plants are operated in an optimized manner using intelligent algorithms and integrating various data sources.

Meet A1 Energy Solutions at E-world 2020 at booth 5-718 in hall 5.

About A1 Energy Solutions

We speak and think Energy – Since 2013 we have been working intensively on the digitalization of the energy industry, creating innovative solutions and working with high commitment on its further development.

With the A1 Energy Solutions you are on the safe side. Our solutions help to react to the current and future challenges in the energy industry, serving different markets and meeting the flexibility and digitalization requirements of your customers. We rely on consistent modular and scalable complete solutions. This gives us the necessary flexibility to respond quickly and easily to new market requirements.

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