Second edition of the Energy App Award at E-world 2017

Apps are available for the most diverse areas of life. As far as your own energy consumption is concerned, they can save you hard cash. The Energy App Award which was offered for the second time is presenting three clever examples of this and was conferred at E‑world energy & water 2017 in the three categories: "Customer Benefit", "Future Concept" and "Jury Category". The winners are the Dutch start-up Jedlix, the Austrian energy supplier Kelag and the smart home solution Smappee.

Also on the occasion of the Energy App Award being offered for the second time, numerous companies have put themselves forward as candidates with their concepts. The expert jury has selected three pioneering app solutions as the winners. In this respect, the line-up of winners is portraying the wide spectrum of the energy sector and encompassing electromobility, cheap supply and optimised energy consumption in your own four walls.

Winner in the "Customer Benefit" Category: "ichargesmart App" from Jedlix

The "ichargesmart App" from the Dutch start-up Jedlix prevailed in the "Customer Benefit" category. The offered app is intended for the users of electric vehicles. With regard to the recharging, they can specify a point in time when the battery of the vehicle is to be charged once again. Then, the charging operation does not start as soon as the vehicle is connected with the charging box but instead when very cheap electricity is available. Moreover, energy suppliers can use the electricity from the batteries in order to compensate for any short-term mains fluctuations. In return, the owner of the electric vehicle receives a remuneration. Thus, the charging is particularly cheap and may even pay off in a plus in the account.

Winner in the "Future Concept" Category: GreenApp from Kelag

The winner in the "Future Concept" category is the Austrian energy supplier Kelag. With its GreenApp, the company is casting a glance into the future of energy supply. The background: By 2021, all Austrian homes must be equipped with smart electricity meters. On the basis of the data from these electricity meters, the GreenApp shows the customers in simple graphics how they can reduce their consumption. Moreover, the program recognises whether a photovoltaic installation with an electricity store is worthwhile for a household.

Winner in the "Jury Category": Smart Home Solution Smappee

The smart home solution Smappee was chosen as the winner in the "Jury Category". This system makes the energy consumption intelligible to the residents. For this purpose, the "Smappee Energy Monitor" is simply installed in the fuse box. Thereafter, it analyses the energy consumption. Energy guzzlers can be recognised and switched off in this way. With the aid of additional adapter plugs, the various devices in the house can be controlled centrally using an app. According to Smappee, savings of up to 30 percent are possible in this way.

The submitted apps were assessed and honoured by a renowned expert jury which included: Dr. Roman Dudenhausen, CEO, con|energy ag; Dieter Dürand, Innovation & Digital Editor, Wirtschaftswoche; Carl-Ernst Giesting, Senior Vice President, innogy SE; Stefanie Hamm, Managing Director, E‑world energy & water GmbH; Markus Hinz, Sales Director, Google Germany; Christian Jochemich, Managing Director, energy|app provider GmbH; Lothar Kuhn, Innovation & Digital Content Director, Wirtschaftswoche; Markus Mühlbauer, Product Manager Lead for the Corporate Engineering, Google Germany; and Jens Michael Peters, COO eprimo, Head of Digital innogy Germany.

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