Smart Grid Approaches – IoT, AI and Cybersecurity


Thursday 13. Feb 2020 | 01:30 pm-03:00 pm | Energy Transition Forum, Halle 5

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01:30 pm Trusted Data access behind the meter – How IoT innovation helps redefining DSO role as natural grid monopoly by monetizing flexibility on residential building level
Thomas Weisshaupt, Wirepas Germany GmbH/DECENT Nachbarschaftsgrid Forschungsprojekt, Energy Market Expert
02:00 pm AI-based state estimation for full observability of distribution grids
Artur Löwen, Gridhound GmbH, Geschäftsführer
02:30 pm Integrated Cyber Security Solution for Vulnerability Analysis, Monitoring and Protection of Critical Energy Infrastructures
Stefan Wietzke, PSI Software AG, PSI Energie EE, Strategic Business Development Manager

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