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Tuesday 11.02.2020

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10:00 am Flexibilization and Energy Management
Jan Zacharias, Entelios AG, Manager Regulatory Affairs, Entelios AG
Dr. Thomas Brenner, OLI Systems
Hendrik Klosterkemper, Enit Systems
Martin Stoussavljewitsch, Youki
Jens Werner, Energiekoppler
11:00 am Data Analytics
Thomas Koller, enersis suisse AG
Marc Peters, IBM, Executive Architect and Industry Technical Leader E&U Europe
Dr. Sven Christian Müller, logarithmo GmbH
Dr. Simon Koopmann, envelio GmbH, Geschäftsführer
Sven Przywarra, Live EO
Hanno Schoklitsch, Kaiserwetter
12:00 pm Business Models after the EEG
Dr. Felix Grolman, GreencomNetworks
Fabian Zuber, Commetering
Markus Reinhold, Einhundert
Christopher Neumann, Prosumergy
Nicolas Schwaab, Pionierkraft
01:00 pm End of the Event
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Location: Innovation Forum, Halle 4   Save Event

01:00 pm Remodeling District Heat Production – A Solution for Helsinki with almost 90% Reduced CO2 Emissions
Jan Andersson, Wärtsilä Energy Business Finland Oy, Senior Market Development Manager
01:30 pm Facing climate change and EED - Opportunities to improve heat efficiency in apartment houses at no cost
Christopher von Gumppenberg, KUGU Home GmbH, CEO
Hanno-Felix Wagner, KUGU Home GmbH, Head of Product Management KUGU Home GmbH
02:00 pm Building Efficiendy with Automation and AI
Stefan Schwan, ENGIE Deutschland AG, Geschäftsbereichsleiter Facility Services
02:30 pm End of the Event

Location: Innovation Forum, Halle 4   Save Event

02:30 pm Greeting
Dr.-Ing. Christian Bogatu, Fresh Energy GmbH, CEO
Keynote: Is it true that E.ON bought Innogy just because of Fresh Energy?
Thomas Birr, E.ON SE, Senior Vice President Strategy & Portfolio & Innovation
03:00 pm Which Additional Values are already set and what is possible in the World of Tomorrow?
Deep Dive: Practical Experiences and Additional Values from Mark-E
Andreas Sippel, MARK-E / ENERVIE, Leiter Privat- und Gewerbekundenvertrieb
Panel I
Jan Dobertin, con|energy Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Senior Experte
Till Walter, Johanniter, Leiter Vorstandsbereich Innovationsmanagement & Strategische Kooperationen
Jana Burdensky, Axa / Alteos, Director Sales & Partnerships
Sergio Barbarino, P&G, Research Fellow
Andreas Bös, Conrad Connect, Vice President
Stefanie Hufen, Vonovia, Innovationsmanagerin
03:50 pm Which Hardware and Infrastructure is needed for EVUs to realize that?
Deep Dive: Practical Experiences Hardware/Infrastructure from EnBW
Alexander Hess, EnBW
Panel II
Heinrich Wienold, VDE, Bereichsleiter Mitgliederorganisation und Services , Mitglied des Leitungskreises
Matthias Gutschmidt, Bosch Software Innovations GmbH, Produktmanager Metering Solutions
Marco Beicht, powercloud, CEO
Jörg Püls, Easymeter, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung
Ingo Schöberg, PPC, Gründer und Vorstandsvorsitzender
Marc Bons, Fludia, CEO
Oliver van der Mond, lemonbeat, Co-Founder & CEO
04:40 pm What does that mean for me as an EVU?
Deep Dive: Practical Experiences Implementation from eprimo
Dieter Ploch, eprimo, Leiter Umfeldmanagement
Panel III
Hans-Martin Hellebrand, eprimo, Managing Director / CFO
Dr. Rainer Frank, E.ON SE, Manager Stadtwerkeallianz
Matthias Trunk, GASAG, Vertriebsvorstand
Christian Panzer, Wien Energie, Head of Corporate Development
Maximiliane von Butler, Sonnen, director products and sales strategy eServices
Stefan Große Venhaus, NEW Energie
05:30 pm Fingerfood and Drinks and Networking
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Wednesday 12.02.2020

Location: Innovation Forum, Halle 4   Save Event

09:30 am Digital transformation within energy sector: how to approach your journey?
Dr. Diana Khripko, Institute for Manufacturing, Education and Consultancy Services, Solution Development Specialist
10:00 am Ende der Veranstaltung
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Location: Innovation Forum, Halle 4   Save Event

10:00 am Start of the Event
Annkathrin Rabe, World Energy Council – Germany, Young Energy Professional
10:10 am Trends in the Energy Sector and International Perspectives on the Energy Transition #issuesmonitor #scenarios #blueprint
Dr. Uwe Franke, World Energy Council - Germany, Chair
10:30 am Q and A
Dr. Uwe Franke, World Energy Council - Germany, Chair
10:40 am Start-Up-Pitches: Innovations from the Energy Sector
Maximilian Pragerl, SunPlower, Chief Communication Officer
Ben Weber, Stor Energy, Team Lead
Quirin Blendl, rvolt, CEO
N. N.
11:00 am Discussion with the Startup Representatives and Dr. Uwe Franke
12:00 pm End of the Event
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Location: Innovation Forum, Halle 4   Save Event

12:00 pm Begin of the Discussion
Sheryl Foo, Vertech Capital, Director APAC & EMEA
Ole Moller-Jensen, Danfoss Central Europe, President
Thomas Schied, Innogy - Grid & Infrastructure Segment, Head of Urban Solutions
01:00 pm End of the Discussion

Location: Innovation Forum, Halle 4   Save Event

01:00 pm French Innovations
01:30 pm Opportunities and constraints for the decarbonation of the energy mix – a start-up point of view
03:00 pm End of the Event
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Location: Innovation Forum, Halle 4   Save Event

03:00 pm Start of the Event
03:15 pm Introduction
Antoine Chapon, Deutsch-französisches Büro für die Energiewende, Stellvertretender Geschäftsführer
Dr. Wolfram Vogel, EPEX SPOT, Director Public & Regulatory Affairs and Communications

New Models and Instruments for Industrial Energy Efficiency

03:30 pm Tendering for Industrial Energy Efficiency in Germany
N. N., Ökotec Enerigemanagement GmbH (Invited)
03:45 pm Using Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Consumption Control
Anthony Gadiou, METRON, Chief Digital Officer
04:00 pm Room for Questions from the Audience

The Industry as a Player within the Energy Transition

04:15 pm The Local Flexibility Market Enera: Industry Contributions to Eliminating Grid Bottlenecks
N. N., EWE (Invited)
04:30 pm Inventory of Industrial Captive Use in France and Germany
Véronique Joly-Müller, EY Law Berlin, Rechtsanwältin, Senior Associate
04:45 pm Panel Discussion: Optimizing the Consumption and Energy Efficiency for Increasing Economic and Ecologic Efficiency in the Industry
Prof. Dr. Stefan Niessen, Siemens, Head of Technology Field Energy Systems
Matthias Nerger, Wirtschafts- und Energieministerium NRW, Referatsleiter Energieeffizienz, Klimagerechte Gebäude und Quartiere, Klimaneutrale Landesverwaltung, Wärme
N. N., Liberty Aluminium Dunkerque (Invited)
05:30 pm End of the Event and get-together
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