#GoingGlobal – EEX Group’s solutions for Energy and Commodity trading in Europe and beyond




Tuesday 11. Feb 2020 | 11:00 am-02:00 pm | Trading and Finance Forum, Halle 1

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11:00 am Hedging PPA merchant risks with EEX Power Futures
Viviana Ciancibello, European Energy Exchange AG
11:30 am EEX Group - developing liquid power derivatives markets in North America, Europe and Japan
Steffen Riediger, European Energy Exchange AG
12:15 pm How ECC ensures physical settlement in the energy and commodity markets
Jörg Schenderlein, European Commodity Clearing AG
12:45 pm Emissions Markets: Developments at EEX and beyond
Timo Schulz, European Energy Exchange AG
Steffen Löbner, European Energy Exchange AG
01:15 pm To Biomass from coal - supply chain scenarios as CHPs transition to renewables
Robert Seehawer, European Energy Exchange AG
Thomas Meth, Enviva Biomass
Nicole van Klaveren, Port of Rotterdam
Alf van Weereld, Uniper
Freddie Staremose, Argus Media
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