Energy and Mobility in the Smart District


A district is a city in miniature. It is an excellent place to test trends such as e-mobility, the sharing economy, digitalization and the networking of supply structures and actors.

This web session focuses on mobility in smart districts. Find out which mobility projects have already been successfully implemented in neighbourhoods: How do actors best network? How is mobility linked to urban or district structures? How is the charging infrastructure organised? How does the infrastructure provider transform mobility from a lighthouse project into a standard process? And what roles do data and platforms play?

In our session, you will get to know players from large district developers and energy providers to the Open District Hub and the Fiware Foundation and gain interesting insights from concrete project examples.

Please note: This event will be held in German only.


Thursday 15. Apr 2021 | 09:30 – 11:30 | E-world Community Free of charge

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Jan Maciejanski, Hub2Go, CEO
09:30 Welcome and Introduction
Jan Maciejanski, Hub2Go, CEO
09:40 How can sustainable districts be developed? Digital, climate-neutral and self-sufficient
Dr. Claudia van Laak, Open District Hub e.V., Leiterin der Geschäftsstelle
Tobias Hofmann, Vonovia SE, Leiter Quartierssysteme

The following questions will be addressed in the presentation:

  • Why are digital networking as well as networking of the actors in the districts necessary?
  • How is the Open District Hub driving this development?
  • And what does the result look like in practice?
  • Presentation of the practical example ODH@Bochum-Weitmar
10:00 Mobility Hubs - hybrid urban building blocks in the district of the future
Christian Scheler, Argus Stadt und Verkehr, Partner

The following aspects will be addressed in the presentation:

  • How is the success of new technologies in mobility related to city and district structures?
  • What are the central findings from three lighthouse projects:
    • Determining the location and development of the e-charging infrastructure of over 1,000 charging points in Hamburg
    • New mobility in the district - implementation concept for mobility hubs
    • E-car sharing - pilot project in the E-District
10:20 The importance of new mobility in the context of the energy transition
Frank Kindervatter, NEW AG, Vorstandsvorsitzender

The following questions will be addressed in this presentation:

  • What do modern cities of the future and the mobility of the future look like?
  • How do we implement this in the NEW supply area?
  • How does charging infrastructure B2B and B2C develop from the first project to a scalable standard process?
11:00 Open source platforms for digital districts of the future
Ulrich Ahle, Fiware Foundation, CEO

The following questions will be addressed in this presentation:

  • What challenges arise in the digital transformation of districts?
  • What is the importance of open source and open standards?
  • What do successful national examples look like?
11:20 Questions and Answers
11:45 1:1 Networking Sessions

After the event, you will have the opportunity for digital networking in the E-world Community. Via a "Matching Engine", participants receive suggestions for interesting discussion partners who also attended the event, based on their profile information. Appointments of 15 minutes each can already be arranged in advance.

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