Heating Transition in the Cities: Consequences for the Strategic Positioning of Municipal Utilities (Stadtwerke)


Long-term goals have been formulated for the heat transition to save greenhouse gases, reduce primary energy use and increase the share of renewable energy. However, many cities still lack an idea of how the concrete transformation of the heat supply can work on site: Which areas should district heating supply, and how should it be decarbonized? How important are district concepts and local heating supplies? What technology is available for decentralised, building-based heat supply, and what competition is there between these solutions? And how does this fit in with climate neutrality strategies?

The webinar will highlight the opportunities (and recently obligations?!) for all players in the heating market - such as utilities, heat generators, grid operators and municipalities - to embrace this transformation process. In particular, municipal utilities have a variety of opportunities to strategically position and shape the heat transition.

Please note: This event will be hold in German only.


Tuesday 13. Apr 2021 | 09:30 – 12:45 | E-world Community Free of charge

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09:30 Ziele der Wärmewende und Schlussfolgerungen
09:50 Transformationspläne und Wärmeversorgungskonzepte
10:25 Neue Förderinstrumente für Wärmenetze
10:45 Informationssammlung mit den Teilnehmer:innen
11:05 Verdichtung und Erweiterungen des Fernwärmenetzes
11:25 Strategische Positionierung im Wärmemarkt
11:45 Diskussion & Nachfragen
12:00 1-on-1 Networking Session

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