Smart Grids: A showcase of technology scale-up and strategic planning in European cities - Part 1/2


Workshop: How to identify innovation opportunities for the energy transition in smart cities

Application of a new technology or an innovative concept can lead to high savings and improvements in the quality of life in one municipality, but elsewhere not. A variety of factors have an impact on this potential. These factors are, for example, the age distribution of the population, the available infrastructure or existing resources, such as access to local research facilities or the geographical location. Inclusion of these factors in the identification of the innovation initiatives helps to better anticipate the future and to shape the strategic path. In this workshop, we will use a methodology that raises situational awareness and incorporates it into the ideation process.

Please note: The number of participants for this event is limited to 25 to allow for interactive working.

Event series: technology scale-up in municipalities

This event is part of a series in which the ACCESS partners will share their insights from the pilots’ preparation and the measures undertaken to overcome the barriers encountered.The ACCESS* project (Advancing Communities towards low-carbon energy smart systems) helps cities address the shared challenges to upscaling low-carbon solutions and meeting their sustainability targets. The local authorities of Amersfoort (NL), West-Suffolk Councils (UK), Malmö (SE) and Mechelen (BE) are jointly exploring and demonstrating the potential of local energy community hubs and peer-to-peer energy trading modelsin four pilots.

*This project is funded by the Interreg North Sea Region programme.

Wednesday 22. Sep 2021 | 09:00 – 11:00 | E-world Community Free of charge

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09:00 The importance of piloting smart grids and peer-to-peer energy trading: perspectives from the city of Amersfoort

Learn more about the challenges encountered by the Municipality of Amersfoort (NL) in the course of the project.

The keynote will be given in English.

09:30 How to identify innovation opportunities for energy transition in smart cities

Now it's your turn to get active and work in groups to better understand the strategy method for identifying innovation opportunities.

Workshops will be organized bilingually.

11:00 End of Workshop

Program partner: Interreg project ACCESS


ACCESS project partners

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