The Role of Guarantees of Origin and Certificates for the Development of the Clean Hydrogen Industry


In Europe, guarantees of origin schemes already exist for renewable electricity, which is obligatory as per the current European Renewable Energy Directive and Member States are mandated to create a GO Scheme. In the revised version of the Directive, GO schemes will also be introduced for renewable gas and hydrogen. Moreover, regulatory targets are being set for an increasing number of sectors and further certification will be required for the actors to show compliance with the new set targets.

This panel constituted of representatives from the hydrogen industry (producers, users, certification schemes, traders) will explain what the benefits and challenges of a well-organized scheme are for guarantees of origin and certificates and how it will foster the development of a European clean hydrogen market.

Please note: This event will be hold in English only.


Tuesday 16. Mar 2021 | 09:30 – 12:15 | E-world Community Free of charge

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09:30 Introduction & Scene setting: Sector coupling, RFNBOs, regulation.
Wouter Vanhoudt, Hinicio, Direktor Europe & Asia
09:40 Defining the market requirements and the role of hydrogen certification.
Guy de Reals, Air Liquide, Director Strategy & Special Projects
Stephanie Kool-Claessens, Nobian/Nouryon, Business Development Manager Hydrogen
10:10 The upcoming instruments for hydrogen certification in Europe: Guarantees of Origin and RED compliance certificates.
Matthieu Boisson, CertifHy, Projektleiter
10:25 The CertifHy project: achievements & objectives
Matthieu Boisson, CertifHy, Projektleiter
10:40 The future of hydrogen certificates: the creation of a European organized market?
Roelf Tiktak, Vertogas, Project Leader
10:55 Closing remarks
Wouter Vanhoudt, Hinicio, Direktor Europe & Asia
11:00 Questions & Answers
Wouter Vanhoudt, Hinicio, Direktor Europe & Asia
11:30 1-on-1 Networking Session

After the event, you will have the opportunity for digital networking in the E-world Community. Via a "Matching Engine", participants receive suggestions for interesting discussion partners who also attended the event, based on their profile information. Appointments of 12 minutes each can already be arranged in advance.

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