LUNCH BREAK Digital Services: Upgrading Smart Home? How Gamification Increases Customer Loyalty


How can people be informed and motivated to save energy? And is there a way not to annoy those customers and to keep them?

You just need to “make it fun”!

Smart home technologies and Internet of Things spaces create the possibility to reach customers on a whole new level and to increase their loyalty to a brand: First of all, a framework is needed to create a real life value proposition for energy users and consumers within the IoT space. To add to the functional value that those industries bring, it is important to create an emotional dimension to further engage with future consumers. This can be done by the intersection of gamification and branding where the end user can identify his digital lifestyle through the smart home.

In this lunch break, the experts from eleks will further explain this idea and reveal a product concept that seeks to add an added brand dimension to the smart energy and smart home industry with gamification tactics.

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Tuesday 01. Jun 2021 | 12:00 – 12:50 | E-world Community Free of charge

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12:00 Gamifying of the home
Sigurður Árnason, Eleks GmbH
Lubko Matsekh, Eleks GmbH, Innovation manager
12:35 Q & A

We will be happy to take your questions from the event chat!

12:50 End of the Lunch Break

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