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08. December 2016

Challenges and opportunities for energy supply companies

The energy market of the energy transition is characterised by even more complex, constantly changing conditions. Laws, regulations and specifications cobbled together in haste routinely throw up more questions than solutions - including as a result the (lack of) transition regulations, protection of existing practice and retrospective applications. In 2017, market players will not only be confronted by changes in the law - such as the amendments to EEG (Renewable Energies Act) and KWKG (Combined Heat and Power Act) - but will also constantly have to implement the new requirements of the German Network Agency, for example for calculating the “physical path” and for agreeing individual network payments for atypical network users. Although for energy-intensive consumers it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify and achieve possible cost benefits, energy supply companies as the “collecting agencies” have to determine the relevant taxes, duties and levies in each case, and properly take into account the remaining room for manoeuvre or questions of interpretation. At the same time, new players on the market try to use this room for manoeuvre and make the commodity “Energy” competitively interesting with corresponding products - such as owned and leased power models, flat-rate prices, block-chain and bundled products.

The workshop called “The Energy Transition and Distribution of Costs arising” which has now been held for more than ten years on current legal framework conditions is intended to shed light on regulatory requirements and developments in the energy market (in two sessions which can be booked separately).  The specialists at Becker Büttner Held will provide an update on current sites. Both sessions are aimed at business managers, legal advisors and other decision-makers and consultants in the energy business.

Conference language: German

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