Circunomics Interview with Marius Vogt, Head of Sales & Product Owner

19 Februar February 2024, Mainz, Germany – In a recent interview with Marius Vogt, Circunomics Head of Sales & Product Owner, Marius shared some company highlights from 2023 and areas in which he sees Circunomics flourishing in 2024.

What would you say was Circunomics’ greatest highlight in 2023?
Circunomics  had many highlights in 2023 , but I would say our top two fell within 2023 transactions and platform development. First, Circunomics matched 279 MWh of energy from 1st-life into 2nd-life in 2023. This volume far exceeded our expectations for the year. Secondly, the integration of the recycling functionality in the Circunomics marketplace proved to be a significant milestone this year. Incorporating the recyclers closed the loop in our circular battery economy concept. The marketplace now offers a comprehensive solution by seamlessly combining the capacities for reuse, recycling, and refurbishment of batteries. Circunomics takes pride in being a market forerunner by combining these essential functions
within a single platform.

Circunomics talks a lot about creating a circular battery economy… in your opinion, why is this such an important issue?
Circunomics is on a mission to revolutionize battery usage with its circular economy approach. Why is this a big deal? Let's break it down:
1. Saving Resources
2. Less Pollution
3. Saving Energy
4. Creating Jobs
5. Lasting Solutions
6. Meeting Standards
In a nutshell, Circunomics isn't just talking about change. We are making it happen. Our circular battery economy isn't just good for business, it's a step towards a more sustainable and responsible future for energy storage.

When looking into 2024, what are you most excited about seeing happen within the battery industry?
The battery industry is poised for continued evolution, anticipating a surge in electric vehicle (EV) sales, not only within Europe, but on a global scale. This uptick in sales is indicative of the burgeoning market, wherein Circunomics assumes a pivotal role in advancing the principles of a circular economy.

Where do you see Circunomics growing the most in 2024?
Circunomics is positioned for growth across various sectors, with a particular emphasis on the 2nd-life trading of both new and used batteries.
Additionally, Circunomics will concentrate on optimizing the entire recycling process through its platform, encompassing activities from raw material acquisition to the transformation into black mass. As the exclusive platform currently facilitating the listing of recycling requirements, Circunomics provides a unique opportunity for users to receive competitive offers from industry leaders in the recycling sector.
As Circunomics will be exhibitors once again at E-World, Marius Vogt will be in attendance and looks forward to connecting with other companies seeking after a more circular and sustainable approach to battery lifecycle management.

Press Contact:
Inga Swope
PR, Marketing & Communications Manager

Circunomics GmbH
Große Bleiche 15
55116 Mainz
E-world Booth: Hall 4/Booth 4E111

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